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How Good Is ChatGPT as a Homework Assistant?

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Learning Experiences Can Be Improved with ChatGPT

When AI language-based tools appeared years ago, their performance was not up to the mark. Studies show that the first versions of ChatGPT have completed the theory-of-mind test tasks with mixed results that can be equivalent to the progress of a 9-year-old child. Thus, it was imprudent for students to rely heavily on an AI-written essay. But it was then. GPT-4 has vastly improved and ranks in the top 10% in simulating the American Bar Exam. Many students can use AI to successfully complete homework, provided that they rewrite texts to decrease plagiarism and make a paper sound human-written. However, it is hard to get the best results without professional assistance because excellent writing demands experience and human-written content in academics, SEO, and other areas.

Written by Humans Is Better For Academic Success

ChatGPT is based on a machine learning model that can generate responses to various inputs, but it doesn't truly understand or know information. It doesn't have personal experiences or beliefs and generates responses based on patterns in the data it was trained on. Users should be aware of the limits of AI and, for instance, always cross-reference with trusted sources. It is a great idea to ask an expert with experience in writing and editing. Our company is one of the sources to get professional texts written from scratch or optimized after the use of ChatGPT. It is beneficial to order assistance with texts online from because we can provide better support that AI language tools in the following cases:

AI Homework Help

ChatGPT can assist with assignments by providing specific answers to questions about topics students are learning. While AI can explain, help understand complex concepts, add examples, or generate practice questions, only a professional can critically evaluate the information and point out inconsistencies.

AI Essay Writing Assistance

AI can be used to brainstorm ideas, outline papers, and find suggestions for developing a topic. However, it fails to provide reliable help with style, grammar, and formatting. Hiring our experts improves on this matter. Writers are great at structuring a paper and enabling them to express thoughts and ideas creatively. This approach is great when there is a need to humanize AI writing for better results.

Study and Review

ChatGPT can summarize complicated topics, explain concepts, or create review materials like flashcards or quiz questions. Nevertheless, only writers with experience and academic degrees can check information and use their knowledge to provide real-life examples to explain ideas in detail.

ChatGPT, or similar AI language models, can be powerful tools for students when combined with help from professional writers for maximum results. The goal is to get a text equal in its academic value to AI-free writing.

Essay Written by AI Is Faster, but Is It Better than AI-Free Writing?

AI undoubtedly offers a considerable speed advantage over students. It can generate a complete essay in seconds, a feat unattainable by most writers. This makes, for instance, AI essay writing an invaluable tool, especially in time-sensitive situations with urgent deadlines. However, the speed of AI only sometimes correlates with output quality. The written text might require editing or rewrites.

The quality of writing depends on various factors like vocabulary, grammar, coherence, creativity, and contextual understanding. AI-powered writing tools, while capable of creating grammatically correct and coherent text, may need more creativity and deep contextual understanding that human writers bring to their work. It lacks spontaneous ideas, inspiration, and passion for writing about topics that our customers can get when they use our services. Ethics is another area to consider. While AI can quickly generate content, it can also be biased. Professional writers at also share biases, but they have the capacity for self-reflection and can consciously work to minimize the role of biases in writing.

While these are only a few elements that should be considered when working with language-based instruments, other issues may arise. To reduce the negative impact of ChatGPT-generated essays and other papers, students should learn how to check if an essay is written by AI or use our assistance to spot such texts and rewrite them to reduce plagiarism.

How to Humanize AI Content to Succeed with Written Assignments?

Our professional writing and editing service specializes in humanizing AI content. This task can be challenging for students due to the required time and effort. It is important to add a more personal touch to a text, ensuring that it makes sense and resonates with readers. Experienced writers and editors can be employed to humanize text from chatGPT and prevent getting low grades by checking essays, discussion board posts, case studies, and other assignments and using their experience and knowledge to add:

  • Clarity and Precision

The primary goal of rewriting and editing is to ensure the text is clear and precise. During this process, ambiguities, redundancies, and vague expressions can be identified and corrected, making the message clearer for readers. It's especially crucial for AI-generated content, as AI can sometimes produce grammatically correct but unclear or ambiguous sentences due to its lack of deep understanding of context.

  • Grammar and Syntax

Editing allows for the correction of grammatical and syntactical errors. Even though AI writing models typically have high proficiency in grammar, occasional errors can still occur. Our essay writers can catch and correct these issues.

  • Structure and Coherence

It is easy to check if an essay was written by AI by looking at structure. A well-structured and coherent piece of writing is easier to read and understand. Getting professional help from our reliable writing and editing service allows for adjustments to the text's overall structure and the coherence of arguments, ensuring that ideas flow logically and smoothly.

  • Tone and Style

The tone and style of a piece of writing should be consistent and appropriate for the intended audience and purpose. Editing allows for adjustments in the AI written essay. Our specialists can work on texts and focus on their tone and style to ensure consistency. This process can help align the output with the desired tone for AI-generated text, as AI may not always perfectly capture the intended tone based on the given prompts.

  • Accuracy

Facts, figures, names, dates, and other details need to be accurate in any piece of writing. Editing provides an opportunity to verify this information and correct any inaccuracies. This is especially important for AI-generated content, as the AI may sometimes make mistakes or assumptions based on the patterns learned during training.

  • Enhancing Creativity

Editing and rewriting also offer an opportunity to enhance the creativity and originality of a piece of writing. For instance, during the editing process, you might develop a new idea, a better way to express something, or a more vivid example or metaphor to illustrate a point. This can be particularly helpful when working with AI-generated content, as AI, while capable of generating creative text based on patterns it has learned, still lacks the unique, personal creativity of a human writer from our company.

Why Customers Choose Our AI-Free Writing Service?

AI-generated essays are great for completing different tasks. However, they still require rewriting to prevent being caught cheating and receiving poor grades. Professional editing is essential to transform raw texts into polished, effective, and impactful papers with proper formatting, grammar, and style. Such assistance ensures that the content meets high clarity, coherence, and accuracy standards.

As such, our company has noticed an increase in customers after they have used AI. Many of them have failed their papers and been caught on using ChatGPT. Human-written academic texts are a great solution when a student lacks time to complete assignments. We are happy to provide various services that include but are not limited to:

  • Optimizing content to “humanize” writing. When AI does not lead to desired results, our writers can improve this matter. They can edit a paper to make it more professional and credible.
  • Following specific paper instructions. Only a person can guarantee to meet every instruction point when working on an assignment. Therefore, students choose to hire our writers and get papers that deserve high grades.
  • Saving time. Working with ChatGPT and improving a text may take twice as long as simply buying an essay from experienced writers who guarantee high-quality papers.

Students should remember that ChatGPT is not a substitute for professional writing help. AI doesn't actually do homework because it has been trained to generate simple responses. While it has access to vast amounts of information and can retrieve and process it rapidly, ChatGPT or similar AI language models work best when combined with assistance from professional writers at for maximum results.

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How Good Is ChatGPT as a Homework Assistant?

Learning Experiences Can Be Improved with ChatGPT When AI language-based tools appeared years ago, their performance was not up to the mark. Studies sho...