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The word “bullying” is a painful one, but writing an essay on bullying can be an issue, particularly if you have no bullying titles for an essay or do not know where to start. Despite the negative emotions this theme evokes, the paper itself should not differ much from the rest of the academic essays. Students are asked to research this topic and shape their own opinion on the theme. Some learners may even want to use their own experience by recollecting the instances they witnessed as they were at school. Unfortunately, bullying is an issue that is too familiar to many students, parents, and teachers in literally every country of the world. The problem is also multifaceted and there are various aspects to be discussed. The student should choose the ones that are familiar to their audience. In case the author of the paper wants to offer some solutions, they should be viable and target real problems.

Bullying essays can be of different types. Moreover, you can choose among dozens of topics that relate to blustering. This is one of the richest issues to describe in any academic paper. You can find tons of information and incorporate it into your paper. Whatever bullying titles you choose, make sure that you follow the recommendations for structure, format, and style. Ask your professor about any specific instructions for your paper. If you are new to choosing bullying titles for your essay, this is the moment to sit down and learn from us. Our recommendations will help you produce a perfect A+ bullying essay.


How to Write Essay about Bullying

First of all, your task is to choose the richest topic for your essay. Bullying essay topics can be many and varied, and you should be very thorough in selecting a topic that you can cover. Think of your audience: what is there that they do not know about this issue? Think of data: is there anything you want to share in terms of bullying? Follow this simple logic: brainstorm, discuss, explore, and eliminate. Create a list of bullying topics. Discuss some of the most interesting ones with your tutor. See if you have enough information to cover the selected topic. Eliminate topics that are redundant or boring for your target audience.

Next, you should develop your main idea i.e., a thesis statement. Write down the most interesting ideas and claims for your thesis statement. Analyze them and shape a logically structured claim. Make sure that your thesis statement is included in the introduction.

Then you can focus on writing an introduction. It should be eye-catching. Begin with a catchy phrase that will keep the reader interested. You may snap some facts that are unexpected or difficult to believe. Then you can proceed to the thesis statement.

The body of your bullying essay should have 3-4 paragraphs. The purpose of your paper is to cover each component of the topic, as presented in the thesis statement. You should include enough evidence and data to justify the urgency of the problem. The exact information and type of data will vary depending on the aspect or topic you choose to discuss in your work.

Include a summary or conclusion. Most readers are better at remembering the conclusion than the information taken from the body of your paper. Wrap up the main argument and summarize the key findings. Include your position on the problem under discussion.

Now you should revise, edit, and proofread the paper. You must always review your paper at least twice before you submit it for grading. Better if you take a break (a day or two) and review the paper again just before submitting it to your professor. In case of any problems, ask professional editors for help. Decent custom writing platforms and companies offer proofreading and editing help in addition to writing services. There, experienced writers will carefully check every character and every statement of your paper. They will make your text perfect.


Bullying Titles for an Essay

A good title for bullying essay writing is hard to find. It will never be easy to find the best topic. Provided below is a sample list of bullying topics to choose from. However, you should always seek approval from your teacher before you sit down to write your bullying paper. Thus, bullying titles for an essay may include:

  1. Describe the consequences of being bullied for children.
  2. Why is bullying a legal and ethical problem?
  3. Define the nature of intimidation and physical violence.
  4. What are the main causes of intimidation and violence in schools?
  5. Who is the primary target of a bully and what are the consequences?
  6. How do children who are bullied differ from children who do not experience intimidation?
  7. What are the most effective interventions to prevent bullying in schools?
  8. Are there any evidence-based practices that guarantee the eradication of this vice?
  9. Why is it so important to develop awareness about bullying/cyberbullying among children and youth?
  10. How does intimidation impact children in a long-term perspective?
  11. What are the steps that teachers and parents can take to protect children from intimidation?
  12. What is cyberbullying and how does it differ from traditional bullying?
  13. What are the punishments available for cyberbullying?
  14. What are the main drivers of cyberbullying in the 21st century?
  15. What are the key strategies used by cyberbullies to locate and target their victims?
  16. How do bullies, traditional and cyber, identify and choose their victims?
  17. Are there any school strategies in place to deal with cyberbullying?
  18. What is the main reason that intimidation online is on the rise?
  19. How is an increase in cyber-harassment and hate crime correlated?
  20. Describe the connection between online-bullying and the problem of school shootings.
  21. Why does the number of cyber-bullies increase each year?
  22. Is there anything that can prevent cyber-bullying and protect children from its risks?
  1. How can victims of cyber-harassment cope with their trauma?
  2. What is the role of parents in reducing children’s exposure to violence?
  3. Is there any proven strategy to eradicate cyber-harassment?
  4. What are the effects of online intimidation/bullying on student performance and grades?
  5. How can students feel better if they have to discuss bullying issues with their teachers or parents?
  6. How can society reduce the scope of bullying?
  7. How can the community improve its awareness of cyberbullying?
  8. What are the different types of bullying/intimidation affecting children?
  9. What can you do if you learn that your friend or sibling is a victim of a bully?
  10. What should you do if you encounter a bully?
  11. Do you think it is good for a child to ask a teacher, rather than a parent, for help in case of being bullied?
  12. What are the societal costs of bullying?
  13. What do you think of classmates who display aggressiveness and act violently against others?
  14. Do you think that teachers are effective and trained enough to withstand the pressure of bullying?
  15. What are the main features of being a victim of a bully?

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