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College Party: Drinking Games

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What could be better after hard studying week than having fun with friends and drinking a bottle of good beer or wine? Each newcomer knows that college studying is not only about classes and seminars. College is also famous for its every weekend college party.  Each college has own types of college parties and long celebration traditions. However, all of them include true American drinking games. It is a particular type of the college party culture. They also have a long history. In the past, true American drinking games included different dice games and solving riddles. Time flies fast, and today we have a lot of new college party ideas. The list of the most famous, widespread and exciting true American drinking games you may find out further in our article.

The TOP 10 College Drinking Games

1. Buffalo Club

Buffalo Cub is the first and well-known true American drinking game. Time goes, but its popularity stays the same. It has a straightforward rule - remember about your right hand. Do not hold your drinks in your right hand. If you hear "Buffalo Club" and you have some drinks on your right side, you must drink it immediately. One more important thing! Do not drink your alcohol with the right hand, but use only your left one. The rule says that if you do that with your right hand, you will have to drink one more shot with your left one. Also, some colleges use the rule of changing hands after midnight. For example, you should forget about your left hand and drink only with your right one. As a rule, you may come to agreement on which rules you will use at the beginning of the college party.
Of course, it is hard to play this game if you must take strong drinks. Usually, it is a perfect variant for beer, wine, and other light drinks.
However, do not be afraid to try this classic drinking game on one of your college parties. It will make your fun time memorable.

2. Quarters 

This game requires a hard surface, some glasses and quarters. Give a quarter to each player and then start to bounce this quarter off of the table and put it into the glass. Use some videos to learn more about tricks and tips on how to throw quarters in the right way to become a winner. If you get the quarter into the glass, you say another player to drink it. Then, you have one more chance.  If you do that three times in a row, you can make a rule you want, for instance, forbid other players to say the words drink, drank, drunk. That person who breaks the rule must drink one more time. It seems very easy. However, firstly, all true American drinking games have straightforward rules; secondly, it will become more difficult and exciting to throw quarters after an hour of playing this game. Just believe us.

3. Beer Hunter

It is funny and easy to play this college party game, also famous as Russian roulette with beer. Take a few bottles of beer, shake up one of them, and mix with other bottles. Then, each player should open a bottle and drink it. The loser is the one who opens the shaken up bottle. This true American drinking game is precisely for true beer fans.

4. Edward 40 Hands/Mad Dog Hands

This true American drinking game is a little bit weird. It is better to play it on a Friday evening or when you are going to have a day off. Usually, the more players you have - the better. The rule says - take a bottle of 40 oz beer and tape it to each your hand. It is forbidden to use anything: bathroom, cells, food, etc. You must sit and drink your beer till the moment you finish it. The winner is the one who empties his/her bottle the first.
Mad Dog Hands is the alternative game for wine fans.  It is very similar to the previous one. You should also tape MD 20\20 bottles to your hands and avoid using anything until the end of the game. Usually, girls like to play this game more because they believe that MD 20\20 has less alcohol than beer. However, it is vice versa. It is much stronger and contains some secret ingredients.
This game is an excellent variant for big companies. Everyone will find something that suits exactly him\her.

5. Power Hour\Century Club

These two types of true American drinking games are also for beer fans. The first one is called Power Hour and its rule is to drink 60 shots of beer in 60 minutes. The second one is called Century Club, and it says to drink 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. Of course, the final result a lot depends on the size of your shots. Also, we highly encourage you to drink light beer and never drive after drinking games. Frankly speaking, this game is horrible. If you go to the toilet, you must drink the entire bottle of beer immediately. Thus, it seems that there is nothing special and complicated in this game. However, when it deals with the prohibition to go to the toilet, everything becomes clear. We recommend playing this game with your good friends and close people to avoid "toilet misunderstanding" and dirty shame.

6. Flip Cup\ Boat Racing

These true American drinking games have a strong similarity with each other. To play them, you need Red Plastic Cups. Both games you can play when there are at least two persons. So, there should be two teams. Give a cup to each player, and put a couple of cups in the center of the table to refill them quickly. Then there is the following saying: 
"Boat races, boat races let's drink a cup
Boat races, boat races let's get fed up."
It goes up and down, up and down and you cheer each time. Also, it is possible to raise your cups above heads and cheer to make this game more exciting.
Then, you should chug your cup, put it down and flip it. You cannot touch the cup till your teammate does not land his cup. It is the most crucial moment of the game since your win depends not only on how fast you drink but also how lucky you are. 
Boat Racing has the same rules. Besides, there may be a "strawpedo" - a person who is the last number in each team and who needs to drink his cup of beer using a straw.
These games fit a college party since many persons can participate. People say that these games belong to the best college party ideas.

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7. Depth Charge

This true American drinking game is full of fun, laughter, and adrenalin. You will need such things as 1) enough bottles of beer, 2) beer mug or pint glass, 3) a shot glass, 4) a bottle of your favorite strong or weak alcohol.
Do the following steps:
-    fill half a mug with beer
-    put inside a shot glass
-    pour out your favorite alcohol into the shot glass
Play with friends till the moment a shot glass goes down. It means that this player must drink the entire mug. Then, start again.
Notice, that you can mix different types of alcohol. However, we recommend such combinations as Korean Beer\Soju, Japanese Beer\Sake, or Jameson\Bailey's. Of course, you can add some lemon, orange, salt, sugar, and so on.
If you use this game, your college party will never be dull or senseless. Who does not want to check his\her accuracy and test his\her good fortune?

8. King’s Cup

This true American drinking game is a little bit more complicated than previous ones since it consists of many parts and has some rules you should remember.
First of all, you will need plastic cups and a deck of cards. Then, you sit around the table. Put the cup on the table and put the cards around the cup. Each card has its own meaning. For instance:
2 - You give a drink to someone;
3 - You drink;
4 - Everybody touches the floor. The last one who does it drinks a cup of beer;
5 - All guys drink;
6 - All girls drink;
7 - Everybody touches the heaven (ceiling). The last one who reaches the sky with the hand drinks a mug of beer.
8 - You and your mate drink. This person will drink with you during the rest of the game. Thus, it makes a lot of fun.
9 - Make a rhyme. Each player should rhyme a phrase. If you cannot rhyme for a few seconds, you drink. The words cannot be the same.
10 - I have never (...) The player who pulled the card says to hold up from 5 to 10 fingers and says statements, for example, "I have never driven a car." You must put one finger down if your answer is - "Yes, you have never driven a car." It lasts until one of the players does not have free fingers. Besides, it is always interesting to ask provocative questions, for example, "I have never cheated," etc. It is an excellent opportunity to find out a lot of secrets about each other. Therefore, this part of the game will fit both close friends and unknown persons.
J - Categories. The person who pulled the card says some category, for instance, "Germany cars." Then, each player should name all things related to this category, for example, Mercedes, BMW, etc. The player who has some difficulties or repeats an already mentioned word must take a drink.
Q – Question or Truth\Dare. This card may have two meanings. First of all, each player should ask the player next to him a question. Usually, these questions are funny and interesting. If he\she laughs, it means he\she must drink.
Another way to play this card is to choose between the Truth and Dare. You should select one of them. Then, you will truthfully answer the question or do someone’s desires, for example, drink one more shot glass.
K - King's Cup. A player pours all he wants into a large cup and mixes it. Then, they put off the cup and continue to play. It lasts until some player picks the last king from the deck. It means that all these four times each player who pulled the king pours something new into the same cup. The last one who picks the king should drink the entire cup. Usually, it is impossible to drink this mixed cup.
A - Waterfall or Rule. Firstly, you may choose a waterfall. It means that you should start drinking and not stop until the last person in the circle begins drinking. Besides, a player cannot stop drinking until the person in front stops drinking. 
Secondly, you may choose a rule. It means that you can desire that players who say "drink, drank, drunk" or touch their faces, noses, etc. have to drink. Usually, players quickly forget about that rule and must drink more.
J - Joker. It means to get your drinking boots on. You should drink your beer or whatever in one gulp.
As you see, this drinking game will fit each college party and will make it memorable.

9. Sloshball

This true American drinking game is usually played outdoors. You should have a red ball, a barrel of beer and good mood. Push and catch the ball, holding on the cup with beer. Have a lot of fun and drink your beer.

10. Dice Drinking and Beer Pong.

These table beer games are the most popular nowadays. 
Put the cups with beer on the table, then throw dice and drink the number of the cup you have on your dice.
Put on a cup and try to put the ping-pong ball into the container. Every time you fail, you should drink a cup of beer. 
Although it is a table game, there is no amount limit for players.

Use these college party ideas and true American drinking games to make each your college party memorable.

Have a lot of fun!

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