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Advertising has always made and continues to make a significant contribution to modern society. Ads pervade the Internet, television, and radio. Billboards are present on all the major roads you travel. This pervasiveness makes them a hot topic to discuss. And this is why students often look for essay topics about advertising. Writing a paper on advertising is a popular college and university assignment. About $450 billion is spent annually on advertising worldwide, and one-third of this alone is attributed to the USA. Consequently, this sector is an important one.

Still, it is not easy to choose a good topic. A good subject should be neither too broad nor too narrow. Also, it should be interesting to the writer and the potential reader. Moreover, it should touch upon the relevant aspects of the contemporary advertising area. If you cannot decide on a good topic for your paper, we offer you to check the list of the most intriguing and informative themes and essay titles, provided by our expert writers. In this article, you will also find guidelines for the overall structure of an essay and the content of its main sections.

Useful Guide to Writing an Essay On Advertising

When writing an essay about advertising, students need to remember that this should be an academic paper. Thus, the topic should be well-researched, all sources should be recent and credible while the author’s ideas should be truly original. Every idea that is taken from an article, web page, or book, should be cited properly. The student should strictly follow the rules of the citation style mentioned in the professor’s instructions. Besides, in case there is a grading rubric, the best thing you can do is check your essay against each point outlined there.

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Peculiarities of Writing an Essay on Advertising

  • Introduction with a Thesis Statement

A good essay on advertising should contain a thesis statement provided in the first section of the paper. This statement is comprised of the idea or point you plan to use as the basis for your essay’s central argument. So, make sure your thesis is concise yet detailed enough to effectively convey your paper’s key argument.

An essay’s introductory section is crucial. It needs to get the attention of the readers immediately and keep them interested enough to continue reading. This part should also outline your central argument with essential details.

Begin your introduction with a catchy hook to get the attention of your audience. This hook should appear in your paper’s first or opening sentence. Then, write a summary of the ad you plan to discuss. Let your readers know the product, brand name, and so on. Place your essay’s thesis statement in the last part of your introductory section.

  • Main Body Section

These paragraphs are used to expand your essay’s thesis statement. Use a number of additional arguments to develop your main argument. The way the main body is structured is particularly important. Begin each paragraph with a topic statement or sentence and support it with one or more pieces of evidence.

Unless otherwise directed, our experts recommend that you present between three and five paragraphs in the main body of your text. Always cite your sources when providing ideas that are not yours. Refer to the audience being targeted by the ad you are writing about and highlight the main strategies marketers have used.

  • Concluding Section

Sum up all your essay’s key points in the conclusion and reiterate the thesis statement by rephrasing it. This final section carries almost as much weight as the introductory one, so avoid just repeating your central thesis. Present it from a fresh and memorable angle.

Your paper’s summary should be concise while containing essential details. Share your thoughts on the ad with your readers and say how you think it could be better. Discuss it in a social, political, and cultural context.

  • Revise Your Essay

An essay should never be submitted the moment it is finished. It needs to be revised and any errors corrected. The experts at suggest using different grammar checking tools to identify any obvious mistakes. But these programs should not be solely relied upon. Getting your paper(s) proofread by our experts is the best option. Expert writers and editors working on our writing platform offer their proofreading and editing services that will surely make your paper stand out from the rest of student works.

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Tips on Writing an Advertising Essay

Be careful about choosing an advertisement to write about i.e. pick the one you properly understand. Familiarity with an ad and its context will facilitate the analysis process.

It is also a good idea to select products you are familiar with.

  1. Describe any aspects that caught your attention.
  2. Make sure the argument you develop is interesting.
  3. Create an outline before starting to write your masterpiece.

It is advisable to choose an advertisement with plenty of symbolism, novel images, and complex concepts. It is difficult to write fluently about an ad that is simple and/or generic. Seek out advertisements that have been created with the help of unique or novel strategies.

Think of any ad you choose from various viewpoints and undertake an analysis of the marketing methods behind it. Below, we have placed a list of ad analysis essay topics to help you write a successful, high-grade essay.

80 Interesting Advertisement Essay Topics

  1. Coke IMC Plan: Advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Discuss the role of e-commerce in the modern world.
  3. Describe the changes in advertising strategies in the American hospitality industry.
  4. Make a critical analysis of applying Sales Management Principles at Gateway Inc.
  5. Do you believe that e-commerce will eliminate the need for physical stores? Support your rationale.
  6. Advertising on pros and cons.
  7. Discuss contemporary electronic marketing problems.
  8. How gender affects the perception of a specific ad.
  9. Make an analysis of the Savage ad campaign.
  10. Write a letter to a Givenchy advertising manager.
  11. Contemporary and vintage advertisement: a compare and contrast essay.
  12. Analyze a new media campaign on Toblerone.
  13. Critically assess the most common inconsistencies between the way real estate is advertised in newspapers and what it is in real life.
  14. Do you agree with the statement that corporate-funded advertisements should be given higher priority over state-run ads when it comes to the electronic media area?
  15. Analyze the effects of banning tobacco ads.
  16. Discuss whether electronic media should be more sensible when it comes to advertising products that are meant only for adults.
  17. How would you characterize the advertisements that appear in newspapers?
  18. Evolution of advertising and its impact on society in the contemporary world.
  19. Critically analyze the changes in women’s images in ads from the 1900s and to the 1920s.
  20. Evaluate the danger of subliminal advertising.
  21. Racial issues in ad campaigns.
  22. Discuss the efficiency of anti-drug ad campaigns among adolescents.
  23. The exploitation of child labor in advertising.
  24. Discuss the impact of mass media adverts on consumer behavior.
  25. Discuss the current trends in integrated marketing communication.
  26. Prepare a critical analysis of "Girl Who Was Plugged In."
  27. How recession affects ad activities
  28. Discuss electronic and print marketing policies of Walmart.
  29. What are the favorite e-marketing techniques of the leading companies? Give examples.
  30. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of the coke IMC plan.
  31. Create a marketing plan for a Ferry Company.
  32. Make an analysis of Gucci's ad campaign.
  33. Evaluate the impact of e-commerce on small businesses.
  34. Media advertising and communication strategies in the contemporary market.
  35. Prepare a detailed advertising analysis of a particular car.
  36. Payment and security subsystems of e-commerce.
  37. Make a rhetorical analysis of the vintage ads.
  38. Discuss how the electronic and print media treat advertising. Provide examples.
  39. Suggest effective network solutions for Worldwide Advertising, Inc.
  40. The studies show that there exists a surge in advertising full pages in popular dailies: what is your position?
  41. Discuss the strategies of targeting youth in the ad industry.
  42. Prepare a critical analysis of McDonald’s corporation advertising.
  43. Prepare a case study on FitnessLive.
  44. Analyze the use of semiotics in Pepsi's ads.
  45. Distortion of reality/photo manipulation in ads.
  46. Discuss the negative influence of targeted advertising on adolescents and children.
  47. Discuss the issues of nudity and sex in advertisements.
  48. Discuss the effectiveness of humor in ads. Provide examples.
  49. Informative vs persuasive television ads: an investigation.
  50. Prepare a critical literature review on the negative impact of advertising on children and adolescents.
  51. Do you believe that there is a need for a mandatory disclaimer before certain advertisements that involve stunts performed by trained athletes?
  52. Analyze the specific visual elements in different advertisements. Give examples.
  53. The impact of ads on child socialization.
  54. Make an analysis of the Audi advertising campaign.
  55. Discuss some controversial aspects of the various advertising campaigns that can be debated upon.
  56. Prepare a case study on Marc Jacobs Inc.'s advertising strategy.
  57. Discuss the various types of advertising used by different businesses.
  58. Explain why alcohol advertising is legal whereas tobacco advertising is not. Use examples.
  59. Advantages and disadvantages of modern advertising techniques.
  60. Discuss the relationship between the product and celebrity endorser in advertising.
  61. Make a critical analysis of ruthless exploitation of clients' desires in media technologies advertising.
  62. Do you believe that the subliminal advertisement really works? Provide examples.
  63. Make an analysis of Gillette's ad campaign.
  64. Analyze the gender roles in contemporary ad campaigns.
  65. Do you believe that the advertisements playing with people's insecurities are unethical? Support your answer.
  66. How do people see themselves in advertisements? A critical analysis of fantasy and ideology in popular ads.
  67. Explain whether do you believe that child-directed advertising should be banned.
  68. Discuss the influence of media advertising on consumer product awareness.
  69. Analyze the ethical aspect of the exploitation of infants in ad campaigns.
  70. The aims and objectives of movie advertising.
  71. Discuss the concept of masculinity in advertising.
  72. Write a letter to a Burberry advertising manager.
  73. What are the stereotypes in contemporary advertising campaigns?
  74. Discuss the use of various advertising techniques in health education.
  75. Analyze the history of the use of technology in adverts.
  76. It is believed that real estate is the most advertised industry in both electronic and print media. Do you agree with this claim?
  77. Discuss sexism in modern advertisement campaigns.
  78. The use of logos, pathos, and ethos in advertisements. Provide examples.
  79. Discuss the gender biases in contemporary advertisement campaigns.
  80. Advertisement as an art. Give examples of brilliant advertising campaigns and analyze the reason for their success.

We do hope that our essay topics about advertising will satisfy your needs! So whenever you find it challenging to find an interesting theme for your paper, just look through our list of essay topics about advertising and choose the one that seems the most interesting to you. Of course, a good topic is not enough for writing a brilliant essay. Apart from the topic, you need to take care of the paper's organization, formatting, and other important aspects. We assure you that only by impressing your professor with a professional and creative approach you will be able to get the desired grade.


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