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So, you are a skilled writer. If you are developing your blog, you need to write articles on a regular basis, thus you definitely need to know good things to write about. Even if your writing skills are not that perfect but you want to develop your writing talent, you should boost your creativity learning some interesting things to write about. Sounds scary? Stop panicking! No matter if you are a blogger, a student looking for some interesting ideas, or a fiction writer searching for writing inspiration, our guide will provide you with many efficient tips and practices. By using our fresh prompts and strategies, you will be able to learn what are things to write about and will understand how to please the most demanding reader. So, let`s start with the basics.

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Fictional Things

If you are working on flash fiction, a short story, or a novel, you may get inspired by the following ideas:

  1. Find inspiration in a song;

Have you ever listened to the story behind one of your favorite songs? Well, each song tells a story. Choose the one that intrigues you the most and write about it. Pay attention that your task is not only to tell in prose the story from the song, but you need to imagine the whole world in which the characters from the song live. Use your imagination and think about their feelings, motivations, and relations. What story can be hidden behind the lyrics?

  1. Remember some childhood memory;

If your childhood was happy, it is always great to remember it. Most probably, you had many friends and interesting activities. However, to make your story more intriguing, make sure to describe the common situation from another angle. For example, imagine that instead of being a victim of bullying, you were a bully. Try to think what were your thoughts and motivations and describe them in detail;

  1. Write about a person you never know but see every day.

Try to imagine a story about a person you never know but encounter in your daily life. For example, you may imagine a scenario about a waitress from your favorite café. What she is planning to do about her future? What are her career plans? What kind of relationship she has?

  1. Imagine that your pet became a person.

Anthropomorphizing your pet is one of the best strategies to create a great story. What human qualities or characteristics will it have? What will be its appearance? Can you imagine that your dog can be a successful entrepreneur? Or it will be a good police officer?

  1. Write about what could happen if you were…

We always dream about being famous basketball players, actors, musicians, politicians, etc. Imagine that you waked up one morning and turned into a famous person. How you will spend your day? What things you could do?

  1. Find a good writing prompt.

  Fortunately, if you lack writing inspiration, you may find a lot of writing prompts on the web. Just choose the one that seems the most interesting to you and develop your story. However, we recommend you to pick up the one that seems very appealing because, only in such a way, you will be able to intrigue your reader.

Things to Write in a Blog

If you are developing your blog, you definitely look for interesting ideas and content. A great blog writer is always searching for great things to write about because he or she knows that the interesting content may help establish warm relations with the audience. This content should be fresh, unique, and engaging. Of course, sometimes, you have perfect topics to write about. However, sometimes, you may feel stressed and frustrated having nothing in your head. Being a blogger requires posting your articles on a regular basis. As such, no matter if you have a good subject for your article or not, you should always write it trying to make it useful and interesting for your target audience. If you are a beginner and have no idea where to find writing inspiration, you may have a look at our helpful suggestions given below:

  1. Use Google to find the best things to write about;

If your blog has some specific subject, you need to find the topics and ideas related to it. Look for the recent news, studies, and other events happening within the area of your interest. However, when searching for interesting ideas, don`t even think about copy-pasting the text from the online sources. Pay attention that in order to reach the expected outcome, your blog article should be absolutely unique and authentic;

  1. Ask your readers.

Professional bloggers fully recognize the importance of interaction with their audience. They always ask people to leave comments sharing their ideas. This strategy has two major benefits. First, you will know what to write in your blog. Second, it will increase the rate of your blog among others;

  1. Focus on detail.

If you already have an interesting post, make sure to develop it. For example, if you have written an article on the topic “How to travel having only $100 in your pocket?”, in the next article, you may tell about your experience in some European city with a pretty limited budget. People like to read about adventures;

  1. Write about your failure.

More than about adventures, people like to read about failures. It does not mean that they get happy learning about your problems. However, telling them about the day when you failed but turned it into a lesson useful for your physical or spiritual growth, you will definitely attract their attention;

  1. Write about a popular situation from an unknown angle.

Do you know what of your blog posts was more popular than others? It means that the topics of these posts are more popular among your audience. As such, you need to take some of these posts and discuss them from a different angle. Taking a new approach, you will be able to please your old readers and attract new ones.

Interesting Things to Write About

If you still lack interesting ideas, we offer you to have a look at our list of things to write about as they will help you find out what topic you may discuss in the next article.

  1. Dear Me in 10 years. I always wanted to tell you…
  2. How has friendship impacted your life?
  3. The day when I realized…
  4. What song motivates me?
  5. My spirit animal is…
  6. Imagine that you have a superpower. What would you be able to do with its help?
  7. What would you tell to your first teacher now?
  8. Listening to other people is an art. Do you agree with this statement?
  9. Should we sacrifice our lives for our parents/children?
  10. What country you would like to visit in the nearest future and why?
  11. Name three things you are afraid of. What do you do to overcome your fears?
  12. If your dog could talk, what would it tell about you?
  13. Name three techniques on how to cope with boredom;
  14. Eating as a way to spend your free time with pleasure. Do you have any eating traditions?
  15. What is your position towards cruel pranks? Should prankers be punished for their behavior?
  16. If your thoughts were colorful, what colors would you use for that?
  17. What qualities or skills make you different from others? Why is it so important to know your own identity in the present-day diversified world?
  18. Imagine that you have your own TV show. What TV star would you invite first of all? Why do you like this person?
  19. What words are associated with the word “family”?
  20. What was your parents` life before having you?
  21. What makes your town special? What places of interest you would recommend to visit?
  22. Are you interested in the political life of your country? Do you believe that you can change anything?
  23. What human qualities seem irritating for you?
  24. What is your favorite winter activity?
  25. What is your position towards street art?
  26. Describe your most productive part of the day;
  27. Do you agree that higher education is not that important nowadays?
  28. What is the negative impact of Internet addiction on the human mind?
  29. Would you like to live forever? Explain your rationale;
  30. What are your life aspirations? Do you prefer to build plans or live by inertia?
  31. Describe a favorite toy in your childhood. What emotions were caused by this toy? What is the role of playing games in childhood and adulthood?
  32. Describe yourself as a fictional character. Would you be interesting to the audience? Why?
  33. Do you like dancing? Why do you think some people cannot imagine their lives without a dance?
  34. Imagine that your city is suffering from a natural disaster. What things you will take first?
  35. Describe the time when you faced some ethical dilemmas. What has helped you solve this problem?
  36. Are you proud of your accomplishments? Why it is important to be proud of them?
  37. What can old people learn from the new generation? Is there a generation gap?
  38. Do you have male and female roles in your family?
  39. What is your position towards racism? Do you think it is still a problem in the 21st century?
  40. Do you agree that feminism has played a positive role?

Now you know what are some things to write about. Of course, there are many other interesting subjects. We assure you that by reading a lot and following interesting blog writers, you will be able to take writing inspiration from anything.


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