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How to write a great poem: Tactics for efficient writing

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If you want to know how to write a great poem, you should definitely read this article and find invaluable tips and strategies prepared by experienced and professional poetry writers. Poetry is a type of writing that is not easy for everyone: some people have innate abilities for organizing words in rhymes or providing rhythmic expressions from them, while the others simply cannot get how it is possible at all to write at least a few poetry verses. In general poetry is an inspirational type of writing that demonstrates not only one’s expertise in writing but also the ability to be original and creative as well as to write in flowery or figurative language. If you wonder how to write a great poem, you should be aware that poetry should appeal to emotions and feelings, to evoke some nostalgia or to provide inspiration.

Poetry writing is not easy as it requires one not only to be competent in writing and write in error-free language but also to be able to organize emotions, feelings, and thoughts in a rhythmic and logical manner. When one talks about people talented in poetry, it is mainly about people who have inborn ability to write in rhymes and rhythm. Still, some fundamentals and principles of poetry can also be taught.

One of the strategies that help a person to learn poetry writing is to read a lot of poetry and analyze each poem in an analytical and critical way. When you learn how to critique and analyze poetry, you become more attentive to different literary devices and figures of speech that can be used. Moreover, you become able to trace the motif and the main idea that lies behind writing.

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How to write a great poem: The most crucial features of poetry writing

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “poetry”? For most people, the vivid associations are the freedom of expression, sensitivity, inspiration, creativity, passion, affection, love, attraction, vivid description, and others. Overall, the list can go on and on but if you have mentioned those particular words as associations for poetry, you need to apply the concepts when working on your own poem. Prose writing is generally considered easier than poetry writing. Actually, there are numerous reasons for it. Writing a narration does not require you to work on stress, rhyme, and rhythm. When it comes to poetry writing, it is not sufficient to come up with a good topic and thing of a good and creative idea for writing. Apart from being able to write logically and coherently, you also need to use metaphors, similes, epithets, and other literary devices and be able to convey hidden meanings.

Moreover, writing about poems and writing poems are completely opposite things. Therefore, you need to understand that the approach to writing and its main strategies greatly differ depending on the assignment you get. Still, if you have analyzed and critiqued a lot of poems, it will definitely help you in poetry writing when you are required to write a poem on your own for literature class.

Nowadays, it has become possible to write a poem online and immediately get some feedbacks, advice or tips on writing. Moreover, there are numerous online instruments on the Internet that help you to write a great poem. For example, some of them will help you with rhyming words, finding the proper rhythm, etc. Furthermore, if you are a good poetry writer, you can use the Internet to popularize your poems among people from all over the globe. The sources are numerous – all you have to do is to find sufficient time to study all of them.

On the whole, sharing your poems online is a really good idea since you can receive valuable feedbacks on how the poem can be improved and what is good or bad about your poetry writing. Besides, you can also seek inspiration from the other poetry writers. You can also share information and exchange different valuable materials regarding symbolism, history, styles, meanings, types, and genres of poetry. It is essential to be well-versed in different poetry types before starting to write your own poetry. This knowledge will help you decide which poetry type interests you most and which you find easy to work on. Besides, you will also need to come up with the genre or style of poetry writing.

If you want to get some assistance regarding different types of poems, just send us a message saying, “Please help me write a poem” and you will get the following information on the poetry types:

  • Ballad. This type of poem tells a specific story usually on themes of love, passion, sadness, conflicts, family life, etc. Usually, ballads are full of hidden meanings and are written in a consistent style, usually song-like.
  • Acrostic. This is a creative and interesting way of poem writing as the first, last or even middle letters of the poem can be read in a specific phrase or word. At the same time, for a person is unaware of it, it may be hard to decipher.
  • Lyric. This type is similar to ballads as it merely focuses on topics of love and sadness as well. Usually, this poem type is about long-lost love that is not so easy to forget. This poem is emotional and thus it should contain many literary devices and use flowery language.
  • Epigram. This type of poem has a humorous and satirical meaning. As a rule, it is short – as short as only one line.
  • Blank-verse poem. A distinctive feature of this poem is that it has no rhyme but is mainly written in iambic pentameter that provides specific rhythm.

Therefore, if a teacher has given you a poetry assignment on a free topic, feel free to choose any of the abovementioned poetry types that you like. With the descriptive information about the poems, you will now know how to write a great poem. However, poetry is not merely about combining words into rhymes or rhythm – you should also come up with your distinctive style.


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