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Writing a research paper abstract is frequently an essential component of coursework.Every student will not be required to develop abstracts; when a research paper abstract assignment has been requested by a professor, students must write a paper that demonstrates knowledge of the subject, proficiency in English, and grammar.

Essentially, a research paper abstract is an extrapolation of course works written in a report format specified by the professor. Typically, an abstract consist of one paragraph (contingent on the length of the subject matter) that summarizes the contents of the article in precise terms. One of the primary purposes of an abstract is to assist readers in making a decision to read the entire article or not.

Research paper abstracts are a synopsis of an academic article or report, therefore, it is required that the report or article be written before the abstract is created. Research papers require an intense focus and intent so the reader can accurately summarize the paper. Before the writer can write a thoughtful and accurate summary he must fully comprehend the essence of the report.

All Research Papers Begin with an Abstract

However, it is advisable to write the abstract after the coursework has been developed. There is a very practical and rational reason for this approach. The abstract generally consist of 200 words that provides the reader with a synopsis of the information contained in the research paper. The synopsis identifies the aim of the research paper, experimentation and outcome of the research subject. Abstracts should consist of one paragraph that describes in brief, and apart from other contents of the research paper.

The author of the research paper abstract should only write the document after the report has been completed and conclusions drawn. An extrapolation of the conclusion is not required in the development of an abstract. The goal of the abstract is to convey to the readers the essence of the entire document.

There are numerous instances when the report abstract will precede the report introduction and follow the document cover page. There are however, professors who will request that abstracts be placed on the document cover page. Before students begin the writing assignment they should have an unambiguous understanding of the writing assignment requirement. Understanding the writing assignment requirements is imperative.

Reviewing the document outline before writing the abstract is recommended, and will provide the author with the key elements that should be included in the abstract. These key elements should be a vital part of the abstract, and should be mentioned in brief.

The abstract of a research paper is as important as the introduction or other key components of an academic report or article. The function of an introduction is to describe to the reader in brief what they will read in the entire document.The abstract of a research paper differs from the introduction of an academic article in that the introduction is comprised of background information, and the abstract is a synopsis of the report with or without background information.

Abstract of Research Paper: Is It a Must for a Reaction Paper?

Having done dozens of essay tasks, you think that you can work on a response or reaction paper just in the same way. However, it is not a typical assignment and it requires special knowledge to do it right. You have learnt how to work on an abstract of research paper, do the investigation and research for your paper, but what a reaction paper needs is the analysis of a certain text with writing a good commentary on it. Most universities and colleges choose this type of assignments for the students as they want to teach them how to make the process of reading thoughtful. Thus, you cannot escape learning how to make a reaction paper perfect if you want to be a successful student. If you are good at developing logical and interesting ideas and if you know the fundamental rules of essay writing, you have high chances to present flawless papers.

This valuable handout will help you gain understanding of the following issues:

  • How to make the beginning of a reaction paper appealing for the readers
  • How to get ready for writing a reaction paper
  • How to avoid mistakes made in reaction papers

We have prepared this guideline for you to know everything about reaction papers. Do you need an abstract of research paper for them? Do you have to use other sources to look more professional? Just start your fact-finding trip with us and get to know all the details you would like to know.

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Valuable College Tips: How to Make the First Lines of a Reaction Grab the Readers’ Attention

Everybody knows how challenging it is to start something new. When you write a term paper abstract, you know what to do to make it right, but what about a reaction paper? Your task is to make your first sentence so great that the readers will not be able to put your paper aside. What do you need to have in your reaction paper to make it right? You are expected to demonstrate how you feel about the information you have heard, seen, or read, and reflect on that.

One of the main demands of the reaction papers is covering all the issues and the style of the text. It is important also to analyze both strong and weak point so the author’s approach and touch upon other aspects as well. Furthermore, you have to be objective and non-judgmental when you present your personal opinion, and that is a very complicated thing to do.

So, you need to start writing a reaction paper with the focus on the text to be analyzed. Have a look at a list of guiding questions that will help you understand the text better before putting your pen to paper:

Questions to be Asked Prior to Working on a Reaction Paper

  1. How do you feel about the text?
  2. Are there any text aspects you disagree with?
  3. Is it possible to you to identify with the addressed issues?

You have given the answers to the main questions before you have started writing your reaction paper; so, it is time to get to actual work.

Prewriting: Make Your Reaction Paper Perfect from the Very First Words

It is one of the key stages in working on reaction papers. Working on research papers, essays, or other assignments, you always know that preparation should be the essence of any writing assignment, no matter whether an abstract of research paper is needed and whether the paper is needed soon. Write with ease; submit timely, and save precious hours for your rest with an effective prewriting stage.

Lay paper

How to Lay a Paper Foundation

Lay paper

Get thorough understanding of the peculiar features reaction papers have

It is a common mistake among the students to start writing a response paper having no idea what its main characteristics are. It is wrong to perceive it as a text summary or your own opinion of the read information. Working on a response paper, you have to make your reading as careful as possible to proceed with evaluation of how successful the author is in sending his or her message.

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Study the task carefully

You will excel in your task if you understand what you have to do. Do not start writing until you learn all the instructions from your tutor. Reaction papers can be different; besides, the teachers sometimes add their own instructions for your guidance. It is not enough to assume, you have to know for sure. When you look through the sample abstracts for research papers, you see how different they might be. Same happens with the response paper, when the professors may ask you either to give detailed evaluations or just present personal response to the text. Always clarify all the matters that are not clear enough.

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Reread to get more information

It is a must to read through the text for more than two times to make a reaction paper really good. You have to digest the paper content to be effective at your evaluation. Spare sufficient time for reading. There should be no rush and it is better to start writing only when all the key issues are thoroughly mastered. It is writing to take the last hours before the submission to scan the text and do superficial analysis instead of thorough planning of the task.

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Write down all the things that come to your mind

As you are reading the text, you always have some ideas in your mind that might either not be important afterwards or make the essence of your analysis. The best option is to capture all the reactions and feelings and analyze them later when you start writing an actual paper. Collect your ideas together later and do not forget about such phrases as, I feel, in my opinion, I believe, I think, I see, and so on.

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Reading the text, do not forget to annotate. It means that you can save a lot of time later when you have already identified all the important passages in the text. Only your proper annotation can serve as a basis for a cohesive paper.

Reaction Paper: Steps to Follow

Make your approach to a reaction paper step-by-step. The only thing you have to do is to follow a clear procedure presented below.

It can be rather complicated to express in writing what you have heard and seen and analyze your feelings. Nevertheless, it will be easier to work on a reaction paper if you follow the steps that will make you a professional response paper writer, not an amateur who lacks skills.

First of all, set the pace for your response paper work and read through the following tips.

  1. Introduction of the event

Capture the event in the veryfirst sentence with the complete background details, in particular the name, place and time.

You have to orient and guide your readers with the basic details. Some of the readers can be totally unaware of what you are going to analyze. Study the needs of your audience and master how to make the reaction paper corresponding to those needs.

  1. Writing about the event

Do not give all the details in the first paragraph. It is not an abstract of research paper! Motivate your readers to proceed to the next sections instead of giving full information at the very beginning.

  1. Explanation of the paper content

Hint at the key elements to make your readers interested. Explain what the paper layout is going to be but do not let the reader know everything in advance. They should neither wander throughout the paper without a definite aim nor be excessively informed.

Apply the tips practically and become a successful writer.

Sample Abstract for Research Paper

Total expenses on energy extraction by means of alternative energy sources quite often exceed the quantity of energy obtained. Alternative energy sources include sources like, sun, wind, water, and geothermal energy. These sources are self sustaining and once used they are replaceable. They happen to be readily available since they occur naturally. In regard to this, the alternative sources of energy are renewable and harnessing of energy from them has proved to be cheap for small scale production of energy. At the same time, the extraction of energy by means of alternative energy sources is so costly and as a result, the amount used to extract energy in this case far much exceeds the amount of energy produced. The reason why the amount of energy produced is smaller as compared to the amount used to extract the energy is for the reason that the technologies are too expensive for large scale production of energy. Despite the fact that the non-renewable sources of energy such as coal, natural gas and oil are predicted to be depleted in the future along with the pollution associated with them; they stand to be the only means through which little expenditures in extraction are used with high amounts of energy being produced. Thus it is justifiable to state that the total expenses on energy extraction by means of alternative energy sources quite often exceed the quantity of energy obtained.


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