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Online research paper: Five steps to perfection with a summary

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There is a common standard for research articles that makes them clear and comprehensible for the readers, no matter what particular information they cover. Either you write an article yourself or get an online research paper prepared by an expert it should contain such obligatory constituent parts as a good title, a well-written abstract, an appealing introduction, well-thought methodology, results, well-developed discussion, and valid references.

Working on a summary of the research paper, you have to be good at following the main principles of developing a good paper. You should not disregard or miss any important detail; otherwise, the article summary will not be effective.

Principles of developing a good paper

1. Make the focus of the article summary clear

First of all, you have to specify the reasons why you are working on the summary of the article and what you are going to achieve. One of the options is to prepare a review, which can be taken again later to remember the content of the article; then, the summary is not supposed to be brief and you will include more details in it. On the other hand, if you need to include the summary of the article in the research paper, you will have to make it concise and logical. Moreover, you will have to make it clear how this particular article is relevant to your own research paper.

2. Scan the required article

Scan the article for general content before reading it in details. Your task is to get general understanding of what the article is about and find the following elements in it:

  • reasons why the research is done and the questions raised (those details are typically included in the introductory parts)
  • hypothesis which undergoes testing in the online research paper (included in the introduction)
  • testing methods used for the hypothesis (included in the methodology section)
  • findings (included in the section of results)
  • interpretation of the findings (included in the discussion section)

When scanning is done to prepare a summary, it is recommended to underline the most important sentences and specify the key ideas. Besides, you can write your comments on the margins of the article. It is easier to identify the main aspects with the help of the abstract; however, you cannot base your summary only on the condensed information of the abstract, as it does not cover all the important points.

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3. Read the article

Scanning should be proceeded with thorough reading and analysis of the entire text. It is recommended to read each section for more then once, taking into account the highlighted ideas. If you need to summarize the article for your research paper, try to find the answers to the following questions:

  • Are the research issues addressed with the article design?
  • Is the main question answered in this particular study?
  • Can you define the results as persuading or unexpected?
  • Are there any unanswered questions?

You can write a summary only after you feel that you are ready to explain all the aspects of the article to a person not aware of its content. Make sure that you tell everything in your own words; otherwise, it will be seen as plagiarism. Only if you understand the study, you can change the working and use not the language of the original article, but your own words.

4. Start working on the actual summary

Your audience expects to get a concise overview of the article. Your task is to select only the relevant details and provide profound analysis and explanation in a brief, yet correct manner. The structure of the summary should be the following:

  1. Research question and explanation of its importance
  2. Tested hypotheses
  3. Presentation of the used methods (several paragraphs about the design, participants, materials, procedure, variables of independent and dependent types, and methods of data analysis)
  4. Significance of the obtained results
  5. Main implications and value of the findings
  6. Interpretation of the results in relation to the hypothesis

Your work on the summary draft should focus on the content, not the form or length.

5. Edit

It may happen that the article summary will be too lengthy for your online research paper; thus, you will have to take this into consideration and fix accordingly. You will also fix the summary for the accuracy of the wording and grammar mistakes. If it is necessary, you should also eliminate inconsistencies and add more details. Remember that general information have little value, try to be specific.

Furthermore, do the editing for style issues. It is a matter of crucial importance to make the paper understandable and smart; so, do the following:

  • Get rid of wordiness
  • Make the language specific
  • Use accurate terms
  • Replace quotes with paraphrase

Your summary paper will be perfect if you make your research focused, scan before reading, and exert enough efforts to be an efficient writer.

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Legalizing Marijuana Use

Over the past few years, marijuana has aroused controversial debates due to its pros and cons. It is evident that marijuana has dominated the world, and the least thing that can be done to control this is by legalizing it. By this, this will have a positive impact to people especially patients with debilitating illnesses. The decision of whether to legalize marijuana use lies on its pros and cons to society. For instance, the government should ensure that legalization of marijuana is passed with conditions that favor individuals that disapprove it legality. However, it is evident that marijuana use has a positive impact in society such as economic benefit after taxation, cure to debilitating illnesses, and help in controlling illegal trade. Moreover, this paper entails more controversies that are pointed to the issue of legalizing marijuana.
Gerber, R. Legalizing marijuana: drug policy reform and prohibition politics. 
Greenwood Publishing Group.
In this book, political views on the debate concerning legalizing marijuana use are the core subject. In this case, Bill Clinton admits that he once consumed marijuana, and that he understands what it is to be unable to quit the drug. In addition to this, he also says that his brother was placed in intensive care unit due to the abuse of cocaine and marijuana. Bill Clinton advocates for more compassion to drug users, and reducing the punishment of marijuana use. On the other hand, bush opposes by arguing that sending addicts and drug abuser is the solution to reducing crime and spread of drug trafficking. Basically, the author highlight arguments on both parties whereby bill Clinton advocates for treating abusers instead of sending them to prisons, while bush believes locking them would be the best solution of denying them the freedom of abusing these drugs. 


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