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How to Write a Perfect Technology Essay: Expert Tips

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You are a college student and there are very high expectations of everyone regarding your performance and readiness to cope with any assigned paper. No one can escape writing academic papers as a student and you have to develop a set of skills necessary for writing, in particular for completing technology essay tasks. Besides, you have to be well aware of the standards of academic writing and requirements to all kinds of papers.

A lot of students believe that essays on technology are extremely challenging to take, but it is not really so. Our technology writers have prepared a series of useful advice for those who are afraid of technology essays:

  • Select a good topic. It should not be a topic you know nothing about. Instead, you should opt for the one you can handle with interest and willingness. You have to work on a specific subject, not a broad topic that is impossible to cover in one paper. One of the topics that may excite your interest can be something like ‘Impact of present-day technologies on the society.’
  • Do extensive research. Collect as many details as possible as they should be included in your essay.
  • Use a technique of creating a mind map. It will be a great way to arrange your ideas and prevent confusions. Besides, you will be able to access the details you need and conduct your research comfortably.
  • Prepare a detailed outline. Outline drafting has a lot of benefits for the writers. You will have a rough idea of what your final result is going to be. Besides, the writing process will be much simpler if all the details and the plan are ready beforehand. If you have an outline, the chances that the flow of ideas will be smooth are higher.
  • Write an introduction. It is essential to have a well-written introduction in a technology essay as the targeted audience needs certain introduction to the article. It is excellent if your introduction has a hook incorporated for capturing your readers’ attention.
  • Work on an effective thesis statement which will hold the key argument. Besides, it will facilitate writing strong paragraphs of the article body. The introductory paragraph is a typical setting for your thesis statement.
  • Make your body paragraphs strong and well-organized. It is important to make the essay body excellent as it contains the main information with detailed explanations and evidence to prove that your assertions are right. A topic sentence should be the starting point for every body paragraph.
  • Make transitions clear and smooth. There should be clear relations and logical connections between the paragraphs and sentences in your text. Besides, transitions will your readers see how individual points can be distinguished.
  • Write a meaningful conclusion. Remember that the audience will need an effective conclusion to understand that you have already sent your message and the paper is over. There should be a concluding statement either to call the readers for action or to make sure the audience has learnt something they have not known before. You can either raise the awareness of your audience or warn them against some negative factors and impacts.

Typical Mistakes in Essays on Technology

It is impossible to reach perfection. You can choose wring technology essay topics or make any other mistakes in your papers. Mind that it is absolutely normal to make mistakes. The most important thing is not to be proud of them, but to look for effective solutions and correct the mistakes you have made. Such an approach will both ensure high grades for you and make your readers’ audience attracted to what you write for them. The most common students’ mistakes are presented below:

  • Wrong understanding of the assigned topic. Misunderstanding the provided topic, the students cannot write a meaningful article. For instance, writing about the influence of technological advancement on the society is different from the topic on advantages of technologies in general.
  • Poor evidence. Every claim should be supported, but not all students realize that it should be done. Stating the claims, they merely hope that the audience will share their opinions, but they do not provide sufficient evidence to interpret or explain the reasons for their choice.
  • No proofreading or editing. The students frequently write their essays on technology and neglect the stage of proofreading and editing. Thus, they have too many mistakes in the papers for them to be graded with high scores.

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Topics for Technology Papers

We would like to inspire you and give you some ideas about the topics for your papers. Mind that the topics are presented in eight different categories for your convenience.

Genetic Engineering and Health Care

  1. Inventions to be made to enable genetic experiments
  2. Genetics: background of tech usage
  3. Gen-engineering malfunctioning and unfortunate incidents
  4. Project of human genome
  5. Consequences of recombinant DNA technologies

Media and Personal Relationships

  1. Media development: historical background
  2. Technologies in dystopian illustration
  3. Change of relationships through enhanced technologies
  4. Internet addiction and its impact on the family relations
  5. Technologies represented in media: a popular image
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of fictional techs
  7. Real-life application of technologies presented in fiction
  8. Relationships built on technologies
  9. How accurately do the media present modern technologies?
  10. Benefits of IT in media vs. their harm

Topics on Technological Wars

  1. IT wars
  2. Technology wars
  3. Effect of technologies on the country
  4. Germany: historical development
  5. Technologies applied for war purposes
  6. USSR: technological development
  7. Japan: superiority in technologies
  8. Technologies with the highest level of hazard
  9. Peace via the use of technologies
  10. Technologies as warriors
  11. Deadly weapon of computer technologies
  12. What should be done to eliminate technologies for the war?

ICT or Information Communication

  1. DBMS systems
  2. ICT: history
  3. ICT: future prospects
  4. ICT: latest tendencies
  5. ICT: staff
  6. ICT: automation and its prospects
  7. Range of cell phones
  8. Power industries of the future
  9. Implications of e-accessibility
  10. Likelihood of instant transfer of information at the international level
  11. Power of telecommunication industry

Robotics and Computers

  1. Robotics: electrical circuits
  2. Robotics: hazards and dangers
  3. Robotics vs. Computer Science
  4. Robotics: types of engineering
  5. Android engineering
  6. Revolution of robots: is it only fiction?

Topics on Research in the Field of Space Technologies

  1. Space explorations: prospects
  2. Space exploration: use of high techs
  3. Space research: background and history
  4. Technical possibilities of future space exploration
  5. Simulation of space launch
  6. Projection of satellites
  7. Spacecraft engineering

AI Topics

  1. A.I.: Revolutions
  2. A.I.: hazards and dangers
  3. A.I.: background and history
  4. A.I. progress: possibilities and prospects
  5. A.I.: can it serve as a replacement of people?
  6. A.I. as a killer of jobs
  7. A.I.: milestones and consequences
  8. Game Theory: use of A.I.
  9. Present and future of machine learning
  10. A.I. in navigation
  11. A.I. in the entertainment industry
  12. Creativity vs. A.I.

Topics on the Role of Technologies in Education

  1. The power of technologies in education: what can be transformed?
  2. Can technical devices replace teachers?
  3. Effects of technical revolution on the level of education
  4. The most efficient technological trends in education
  5. University education and prospects of future technologies
  6. Increased use of technologies in a modern classroom: negative effects

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