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Why Should You Have a Vision Board for Students?

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Vision Board for Students

Okay, with movies like Secret we keep asking ourselves if all this really works or it’s just a marketing thing to keep you buying self-development books. Vision boards have been here for over 3 decades now, however, we can definitely see the growing interest in them over the last ten years. Despite the ongoing dispute about whether this really works, the popularity of vision boards grows. I have to be honest with you, I know people who can visualize and achieve virtually anything and those who fail regardless of the visualization. So let’s see what a vision board is and how it can help you build a better life for a college student.

What is a Vision Board?

In simple terms, it is a method to visualize your dreams, plans, and hopes. It is a way to write down things, which you would like to have or achieve, without words. It is also said to be a great tool for psychological analysis. It allows you to find address things that are important and essential for your life, along with some fears you could never identify.

5 Reasons to Create a Vision Board

Every student feels lost once in a while. There is nothing wrong with it, moreover, it can be explained by a number of reasons, but you need an anchor that will keep you on track.

  • Define your personal and academic goals. Take your time and write everything you think you would like to achieve. Take a period of time you feel confident about. Let’s say 3, 5 or 10 years. List the things that represent success and happiness for you personally.
  • Create emotional attachments. Find the photos or images of things mentioned above. Take your time to really find the best one to represent the core idea. For example, I dreamed of going to Japan, so I had a photo of Mount Fuji on my wall. If you are dreaming about the car, find the model that you like and specify the color.
  • Activate you selective attention. Apart from being visually catching and attractive, a good vision board also helps you focus on specific details. For example, while in college, it can help you focus more on the goals related to your education and future career. It is also a powerful way to communicate your intentions concerning the world, people in your life, yourself, etc.
  • Strengthen your motivation. Once you really see the whole picture, you are most likely to fall in love with it. Let this feeling be a core point of your motivation and planning, moving you closer to your dreams.
  • Hold account of your achievements. Similar to crossing out things you have done in your planner, you can cross out things you have achieved. It’s a great fulfillment that not only makes you proud but also helps you move on.

How to Create a Vision Board?

First of all, decide whether you are going to make a physical (to hang on your wall) or digital (to be used as a wallpaper) vision board. Next, decide on the size of the canvas you need. Once you have it, take the list of your goals and dreams and the images you have chosen. Stick (put them) onto your canvas. Place them radially, so that the most important goal will be in the center, less important or meaningful ones will be moved towards sides. If you have space, write down the specific details about each goal (color of the car, dates of the trip, placement of the tattoo, etc.). You can also take a separate piece of paper, put down the list of dreams with numbers and provide a description of every item.

Put your board somewhere you can see it every day. Let these images slowly get into your brain. Read the descriptions you have provided for every image and let them be your daily affirmations. Be grateful for what you have already achieved and let the Universe help you with what hasn’t been done yet.

If you need inspiration, look for a vision board template online. But remember that you have to come up with a list of goals that are meaningful to you personally.

Vision Board Ideas for Students

  1. Future career, job placement or ideas for personal entrepreneurship.
  2. Marital status and family.
  3. Accommodation (apartment or house).
  4. Car(s).
  5. Traveling.
  6. Wardrobe (for short-time perspective).
  7. Things you would like to own.
  8. Personality you would like to be.
  9. Anything else related to your ideas about perfect life.

If you have a motto or a quote that you believe defines your idea of perfect life, make sure to include it!

Vision Board Party Ideas

My friends and I had once such a crazy planning-dreaming party where we looked for and printed images supposed to represent the things we would love to achieve in future. I have to say that from my board, nearly 60% of things are now real, approximately 20 percent turned out to be useless or not important within the course of 5 years, and about 20% are still in progress.

If you have nothing to do and your friends are tired of regular activities, you all may try out something new. Plan your future, research countries you would like to visit, dream about the future spouse, etc. Let yourself go wild, but the final part should be at least semi-realistic (e.g. marrying Prince Charles is off the table).

Many people say that a vision board is nothing more than a placebo effect of planning, however, if it works for you, go for it! Let yourself dream about the life you deserve. However, remember the last part of the recipe: every day do something that gets you closer to the life you want to have!


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