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Background information

In order to understand the issue of abortion, we need to dwell on the factors that are likely to lead to the decision to this unethical act. For an embryo to exist there must have been fertilization due to the contact between the sperm and the ovum, "Right to Die or Right to Life" (Kristi, 1979). However, this usually happen during either artificial insemination of through sexual intercourse, which may occur through mutual understanding between the partners or through rape/ incest. In many circumstances, women do accept to bare the pregnancy despite the unfavorable situations that they have to live with. For example, when a father refuses to accept and/ or care for the wife and the baby.

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Basic underlying facts necessary for decision-makers

Through the research, I found out that most women were never married in the US prior to the 19th century hence managed to move around with men engaging in unprotected sex. Despite the frequent cases of abortion they never bothered to take caution not to fall victims any longer. However, the authority by that time had no experience on the effects and the risks involved hitherto, practicing abortion (Paula, 1920). Different viewpoints that exist as to policies that should be followed (including references to those who support different policies, and why),

With reference to the birth rate per woman (Total Fertility Rate), the fertility in the United States dropped below the replacement level on the 1960s and early 1970s in some States since then the support towards abortion had been stopped.  Linking the changes between the rate if abortion and the fertility rates the rate of fertility and abortion are almost equal. The abortion regulation policy, (Burnham, 1970).

Potential outcomes that might stem from following different policies

Following the Fertility rate policy in America, the led to stoppage of abortion funding the population in America is likely to increase. The normal birth rate will definitely influence the economic growth (Kristi, 1979).

Abortion: when did it first become an issue and why?

In America, abortion first became an issue in the 19th century when the US, as an individual state, began to forbid abortion. Most abortion cases had been illegalized; by 1880 abortion was illegal in the US (Paula, 1920). However, Abortion being a dangerous procedure, a reform humanitarian trend in the mid-19th century increases liberal support for criminalization due to the danger that resulted from use of crude methods in carrying out the procedure.

Additionally, this alone never explained the attack methodology on abortion. i.e. other risky surgical technique were also necessary for the women welfare and were not forbidden. Women were protected alongside abortion in order to restrict them to their customary child bearing role (Kristi, 1979). 'Linda Gordon's Woman's Body, Woman's Right, rev. ed. (New York: Penguin Books, 1990'. Prior to 19th century, America did not show any concern in the issue of abortion. In fact, abortion services were freely advertised for instance in large towns (Burnham, 1970).

Momentum grew as time passed-by with states beginning to form statutes denying the women their rights. By 1860, 20 out of 33 states. Usually, in the US tradition, possession of any strong ethical or moral beliefs more often than not involving the legislature created laws either for or against abortion. With one side lobbying for the restrictions on abortion while the other side demanded that women be left free for them to decide personally on what best for them. However, having the involvement of the legislature politicized the deal hence such decision can not be a private issue anymore but politically becomes a heated debate (Kristi, 1979). The candidate would vie for top seats using with formed opinion on abortion which by then was a strategy to mobilize voters instead dividing the Republican Party across the country with religion leaders mobilized into an army of political activists.

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What laws and constitutional issues are involved?

At present, both the political and judicial leaders are in to terms on the matter, abortion which will lead to a great reduction in death cases hence high population growth within the US (Paula, 1920). It has taken the legal and political leaders both elected and non-elected public officials a lot of time to debate on the matter, however, in a government, it is healthy  to be democratic for instance when the elected government officials challenge the courts provided that the petition is within the bound of the law. The abortion issue brings in deferent reactions from both the public and the government. Through such efforts, both the judicial and the political officials work hand in hand to enhance better terms that would reduce the health hazards, "Right to Die or Right to Life" (Kristi, 1979)

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What is the political lineup on the issue (is it a partisan issue with Republicans and Democrats.).

The abortion issue created a rift between political parties for instance, the Republican Party having two groups, who believed in, supported the choice, forcing the moderate republicans to combine with the Republicans in order to indicate a sign of unity did not work (Burnham, 1970). However, the Republican Washington coalition kicked off campaign for a fellow pro abortion candidate.  The religion groups too split into two according to how they interpret the issue. However, the democrats (Paula, 1920)

Where do things stand now, politically, and what do you see as the future course of rulemaking on this issue.

Politically, the issue of abortion is very sensitive being that everybody is enlightened about it. However, the political groups should forget about it during the campaigns, the Americans have experienced the true change and they stand to speak. For instance Former president Bill Clinton tried to use the abortion slogan (safe legal and fair) in 1994 and he failed to get the popularity votes (Kristi, 1979). One of the landmark decisions on abortion was delivered by the U.S. Supreme Court on abortion. In Roe v. Wade, 410 (1973), the court held that a woman has a constitutional right to privacy in procuring an abortion, although such a right must balance the states' interests: protecting the prenatal life and mother's health. Roe v. Wade decision has reshaped the national politics into two camps: pro-choice and pro-life camps at the same time activating grassroots movements on the two sides.

What groups and organizations have been particularly active on the issue?

The organizations like the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, American Law institute, National Fights Committee and the international non governmental organization have been keenly following the proceedings and providing both voluntary services and financial Aid to the victims of abortion and the like (Burnham, 1970).


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