Free Abortion and Ethical Implications Essay Sample

Abortion is the willful termination of pregnancy through removal of a fetus or embryo from the uterus before it is viable for delivery (Kaczor 8). This issue raises debate especially in regard to its ethical implications. The antagonist side of this debate never ceases to mention the ethical implications of abortion. The immediate ethical implication of abortion is the fact that it leads to termination of human life. This is against the moral and ethical principles that adore the sanctity and dignity of human life. Abortion is thus equivalent to murder since life begins at conception.

The anti-choice activists contend that although women have the autonomy over their bodies, this liberty should not be used to terminate the liberty and right of another innocent human being, the fetus. Thus in the same manner that women assert their freedoms and rights over their body, the right to life of the unborn child must also be safeguarded (Kaczor 121).  Sexual activity and its consequences have ethical connotations. Pregnancy is one such consequence. Therefore since sexual freedoms and rights are exercised within the confines of ethical and moral standards of the society, the consequence, that is, pregnancy must not be shielded away from the light of ethics.

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Abortion is a social and legal issue that is crowded with great ethical dilemmas. The pro-life side of the debate argues that abortion can be justified in some cases, societal values notwithstanding. For example in a situation where the life of the mother is at risk, abortion can be carried to save the life of the mother instead of loosing both the child and the mother.  Others point fingers to a situation where a nine year old girl for example has been defiled and is in a fatal situation. In such cases the ethical matters of medical abortion will be applicable selectively to rescue the life of the mother. Further, others argue that a discussion on the ethical implications of abortion must strike a balance between the rights of the mother and the rights of the child.

Abortion continues to attract great attention because of its significance in any society. As society becomes liberal and the law approves abortion, the feminist perspective will carry the day.  The rights of the mother/women will thus be given priority at the expense of the innocent unborn child. This will contribute to more abortions and irresponsible sexual behavior. The damage is greater especially with teenagers being involved in promiscuous sexual engagements, not mentioning the risks of STDS (Soifer 241). The moral fabric of the society is further endangered with a liberal legal and societal approach and stance to abortion.

Ethical implications of abortion have attracted strong attention and contributions of the religious institutions especially because of the religious implications it has. However, medical practitioners, lawyers, legislators and the policy makers need to be aware of this issue and lead the society in building consensus on the ethicality of abortion (Soifer 241). Understanding of the implications of adopting a liberal legal, social, medical and religious stance towards abortion would help in defending the rights of the unborn. This would also help in securing the conventional social values of the society from being overtaken by the fight for women rights being championed by the feminists.

The implications of abortion on the moral fabric of the society are so great. The morality of society is quickly disintegrating as more and more women enjoy autonomy over their bodies and terminate pregnancies after immoral sexual activities. A balance in ethical dilemmas in relation to abortion must thus be sought to keep the morality of the society in check. 


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