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Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before it reaches full maturity. It is one of the most controversial issues debated within societies globally.  Abortion remains to be a dilemma as both the pro abortionist and anti abortion campaigner’s present very strong argument points to their beliefs. Therefore, is abortion ethically right? Abortion remains to be a global moral issue affecting societies as it deals with the fundamentals to life. However, the core problem of the issue lies in justifying the moral status of the foetus; whether the foetus is alive and worthy to be accorded full human recognition besides human rights. While both campaigners fight in defending their views, they fail to recognize the abortion problems that result in moral, psychological, biological and societal difficulties.

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Abortion is the main moral issue debated within most of the societies globally. The main moral issue associated with abortion is whether it is right to terminate the life of the foetus or not. While some moralists believe that it is ethically right to preserve life from conception, other moralists believe that it is morally wrong to deny women the right to choose whether to keep or terminate the pregnancy. The main problem challenging the procurement of abortion is the detrimental effects of abortion on the woman’s body. When done in unprofessional manner, abortion is likely to result in death of the mother, poor reproductive and sexual health besides emotional trauma associate with the painful abortion methods. On the contrary, the negative impacts of abortion on the woman’s body can be avoided if abortion was legalized to allow women seek professional help during abortion thus reducing cases of maternal death and physical injury caused to the mother.

Definition of Terms

Abortion: The voluntary termination of a pregnancy before it reaches its maturity and   before the foetus is able to independently survive outside the womb.

Ethics: Moral values governing a person’s conduct.

Foetus: An unborn human.

Solutions to the Abortion problem

            a).Abortion is morally acceptable because women have the right to exercise their freedom by choosing whether to keep the baby or get rid of it. Moreover, in case the pregnancy poses a threat to both the life of the mother and its foetus, it is morally acceptable to save the mother’s life by terminating the pregnancy.

            b).Abortion is not morally acceptable because when practiced without the supervision of qualified expertise, it results in death of the mother. Besides death, unsafe abortion results in complications on the sexual and reproductive health of the woman. With the existence of un strict legal laws on abortion, the rate of induced abortions within teenagers is on the rise resulting in death of the mother as well as loo of the foetal life. Besides causing body harm, abortion causes psychological and emotional stress to the mother due to the trauma associated with the practice.

Assumptions and points of view on abortion

            a). Abortion should be legalized as women have the right to decide whether they need to keep the baby or not. In cases of poverty, women should be allowed to terminate unwanted pregnancies as their economic conditions may not allow them to properly fend and care for the child. School going teenagers must be allowed to pursue their educations first, there fore they should be allowed to terminate any unwanted pregnancies that may hinder their pursuit for education. Similarly, women whose health is threatened by the pregnancy must be allowed to terminate the pregnancy so as to preserve the life of the mother.

            b). Abortion should be illegalized because the society needs to preserve the life of the unborn child from being terminated. Besides preserving the life of the unborn child, most abortion methods have resulted in the maternal death of the mother. Some women who survived death have poor sexual and reproduction health arising from abortion methods thus some have no chances of conceiving again. To enhance cautiousness, abortion should be illegalized to prevent teenagers from engaging in unsafe premarital affairs that result in unwanted pregnancies.

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According to the Kant’s ethical theory, there are three types of beings, the rational people, people with partial rights and people with absolutely no rights. Although the theory does not classify foetuses, it refers to them as things thus classifying them as people with absolutely no rights at all. Therefore, Kant approves of abortion as an ethically justified process. It is therefore vital to accord women the freedom they deserve by allowing them to procure abortion if they feel they are in no position to maintain the pregnancy and raise the child. The anti abortionist who believe in preserving the life of the unborn child fail to evaluate the challenges faced by a mother who if financially unable to raise the child by ensure the child receive proper food, clothing and education. By fighting to preserve the life of the unborn child, the anti abortionists fail to evaluate the future challenges that the unwanted baby is likely to face. Therefore although anti abortionists believe in preserving life of the unborn child, they do not consider how the life of the born baby will be sustained in future. It is thus unethical to allow children to be born in ultimate suffering where they lack parental love, basic needs as well as moral support. Therefore, abortion should be legalized to allow women to terminate unwanted pregnancies which they feel they are unable to properly care for the welfare and wellbeing of the children to be born.


Conclusively, it is morally right to accord women the freedom they deserving in choosing to bring forth children into the world or terminate if they feel they are in no position to properly care for their unborn children. It is immoral to force women to give birth to children whom they are unable to give them the basic needs, moral support and maternal love. Unwanted children born into the world end up living in misery and ultimate poverty as they lack the basic needs such as food, education, shelter, Medicare and education.

By legalizing abortion, methods of procuring abortion will become cheaper, safer and women will be able to access the right Medicare needed in preventing the detrimental effects associated with unsafe abortions. Women will have the right to give birth to children whom they will be able to properly care for by providing them with the basic needs. As a result, the rate of street children will reduce consequently resulting in reduced crime rate. As a result, we shall have a society free of unwanted children born in ultimate suffering and misery.


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