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Abortion has been the subject of debate over the years. The issue of abortion has evoked strong feelings and judgments. In this essay, I am going to look at the subject at hand narrowing down to the reasons why abortion is moral. The society has faced difficulties and ethical dilemmas in a number of issues abortions being at the centre of it. Arguments for or against abortion have been advanced which render the solution to the subject almost impossible.

Rights of a person and who is entitled to the same has elicited contentious debates on the issue of abortion. On one hand, those who believe in the sanctity of life, argue that abortion is the murder of an innocent child. On the other hand, the pro-abortion hold divergent views. Thornhill observes that pro- abortionists argue that denying women the freedom to abort is robbing them off their rights and reducing them to just having babies. In short, pro choice activists perceive abortion as necessary for the better fulfillment of both the child and mothers lives. This is what renders abortion a complex subject of debate.

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My opinion on abortion is that it should be executed if at all it is necessary. Although most people term it unethical, there are cases where one is morally justified to carry out an abortion. Decision on abortion should be left wholly to lie on an individual and ought to be weighed against the circumstances.

The health of the mother suffices when abortion it mentioned. When the word abortion is mentioned, what strikes a person's mind immediately is murder. The health of the mother is given little or no consideration at all. Baker (1995) argues that abortion is morally upright when the mother's life is at risk. Nevertheless, this decision is difficult to make because the fetus is also considered as a human being. The aforementioned issue has been dogged by several debates, of whether a mother has a right over the unborn child or if the child is a person and has a right to live. Such a case cannot be given an outright answer, although I am of the view that in such cases, abortion should be carried out in order to safeguard the life and health of the mother.

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Moreover, take for instance, a pregnant woman who seeks the services of a doctor, and on a thorough examination, she is informed that she will give birth to a severely deformed baby, and that it will live in misery. In such cases, don't you think it is advisable and justified for the woman to consider abortion, or she should she go ahead and deliver even if her life is at stake? In other scenarios, we might have the pregnant mother carrying a deformed baby, and on doctor's visit, she is informed that the baby's birth might result to her death. Should she go ahead and deliver? In such matters concerning the life and health of the mother, abortion is inevitable.

There are other pregnancies that are conceived as a result of forceful rape and incest. Such incidences provide moral justification for abortion. Consider a scenario whereby a young lady is taking her dog for an evening walks and, unfortunately, she is ambushed and raped. If, in the process she gets pregnant, the effects of such an incident will be detrimental to her. Firstly, she had no intentions whatsoever of having a baby. Agony, pain, emotional, and economic burdens will hit her hard in raising the baby. Her life will be painful as a result of the trauma that she will be fighting. Forcing victims of forceful rape and incest to endure such pregnancies will be killing the slowly. If the child was to be born he would live a rotten life being that he's product of an unwanted pregnancy. It might not get motherly love. In such cases, rape victims are justified to have an abortion because it is not their fault that they are pregnant.

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In addition, irresponsible motherhood should also inform justification for abortion. There is a trend of young mothers all over the globe giving birth and throwing them away or caring less for them. The new born infants are born and abandoned in toilets, washrooms, sometimes thrown in rivers, snow, wrapped in plastic bags and thrown into the dumpsters. This is a common phenomenon in today's society, and we can argue that it simply arises from unwanted pregnancies. Abortion in such instances, therefore, acts to curb such menaces. Come to think of it, from my own perspective, why should one bring a child into the world only to subject it to gruesome killing? She should have aborted it long ago since she was going to kill it.

Last but not least, abortion should be justified because it is becoming a norm. This point might not hold waters but nonetheless, it makes sense. This argument asserts that abortion ought to be legalized because despite the many legal restrictions, it has been on the rise. This will see the decline of deaths and maiming of mothers carrying out abortions. Therefore, it should be made legal; however, we are not saying that other vices should be accepted too.

In conclusion, having looked at these arguments, we can have a strong basis to assert that abortion is morally right. This is from putting into consideration the mother's health and life, pregnancies from rape and incest, irresponsible motherhood, and the constant trend of abortion. All these serve to drum up support for legalization of abortion.


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