Free Arguments for and Against Abortion Essay Sample

Abortion is a medical procedure whose purpose is to terminate a pregnancy by removing an embryo or a fetus from the uterus of the pregnant woman. Women employ it as a solution to unwanted pregnancies; from teenage pregnancies to rape victims or unplanned pregnancies amongst adults. It is a contentious issue that continues to dog societies all over the world. Some people support it, they are known as pro-choice persons, while other strongly oppose it and therefore fall into the pro-life category. Using two articles as my sources of information, I shall compare the two different perspectives of the divide concerning this issue, in the following paragraphs. The articles describe arguments in favor of abortion and against abortion based on women's rights.

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According to, it is important that even in looking into the subject of abortion, we ought to recognize the woman as an individual or person. We should not overemphasize the needs and rights of the fetus and undermine those of the woman carrying it in her womb as they are important as well. Nonetheless, it should be noted that pro-choice advocates hold the fetus in high regards.

Abortion is attached to women's rights significantly as it directly and enormously affects their lives. Every aspect of her life from education, to employment and even her family is influenced. It comes with many decisions and responsibilities that bring about changes in the lives of these women. It is for this reason that the woman should be given the sole discretion whether to end the pregnancy or continue with it. Teenage mothers normally have bleak futures. To begin with, they drop out of school. To fend for their children, they depend on the community. Also they may develop health problems due to their tender age.

Another view point from this pro-choice argument is that women as any other human beings have the moral right to control their own bodies. A fetus is a growth inside a woman's body and hence she has the right to choose whether the fetus is to be removed or continue to grow in her body. Many abortions take place within the first trimester, a stage whereby the fetus is wholly part of the mother's body. The health of the fetus is dependent on the mother's health and therefore cannot be regarded as a separate body from that of the mother (Lowen, 2011). It, therefore, follows that women should have the final say as what to do with the pregnancy. One would claim that prohibiting abortion is unethical as it 'it denies freedom of choice to women.  

This argument also touches on the significance of these rights to gender equality. A woman who is prevented from terminating the pregnancy has to continue with it till birth. This comes with complexities to her life during this pregnancy from stress to foregoing of things that may put the life of the fetus at risk. After birth, the community expects her to cater for the material and emotional needs of the child for many years till they can fend for themselves. Usually, this means till the child attains at least twenty years of age. This puts great demands on the mother. Further, women cannot realize equality with men without a right to choose whether or not to keep a pregnancy- men do not get pregnant hence are not faced with a similar circumstance. More on this note is that children impede women's choices and freedom in life. This is attributed to the obligations and cultural practices that dictate what a mother can and cannot do.

By forbidding abortion, many women seek illegal avenues to conduct this procedure. This puts their lives at risk. However, the clinical procedure is safe and has minimal risks of grave complications. It also assures the women of the possibility of future pregnancy (Lowen). On the other hand, we have 'Arguments against abortion' that is in opposition of women having a full right to an abortion. This is the view of pro-life activists whose basis for argument is the recognition of the sanctity of life as above all other rights. One point is that abortion does not free women. Instead it frees the society of its responsibilities to the needs of women. These needs are financial and social support for them as mothers. A scenario where abortions were not as rampant would compel governments to make more financial support for the women.

Others hold the view that abortion provides a way for the society to fail to deal with other real problems that should be addressed. For instance, in the case of pregnancy following a rape, the issue is rape and not the pregnancy. Other women who are in abusive relationships become pregnant; the subject to be addressed in this case is the abusive relationship. From a medical perspective, it is a fact that abortion has detrimental effects on the health of the affected women both in the short term and in the long term. Indeed, the procedure is a risk to the life of the woman.

Abortion, according to some pro-life advocates infringes the principles of feminism. These principles are against any form of violence, injustice and discrimination. This group considers abortion as a form of violence and injustice to the fetus within the womb of the mother. It is regarded as a way of ridding men of the consequences and responsibilities that come with intercourse. Thus, advocating for abortion might be regarded as promoting promiscuity.


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