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It is unfortunate that abortion causes tension whenever it is mentioned in any society. Its sensitivity is connected with our beliefs, cultural practices, religions and laws that surround it. We need to know the merits and demerits of abortion for the betterment of our community. Apart from beliefs, religion, laws and cultural practices, abortion has health and psychological effects not only to the person who does it but also to the entire community. Scientific research in many parts of the world supports this claim. This presentation will give reasons that make the topic of abortion highly sensitive.

There is the need to accept abortion when necessary. Abortion is a process that is undertaken by a doctor or physician with the aim of destroying pregnancy. Sometimes the abortion process is initiated by the pregnant mother and at other times is as a result of the health risk associated with pregnancy. Indeed, if the health status is at risk, why should we not abort? A miscarriage is a form of abortion that may be caused by overworking, stress and taking food that is harmful. The patient normally starts by experiencing pain in the uterus. This is accompanied by oozing of blood through the vaginal track, as well as restlessness. A physician then confirms the abortion or miscarriage. This confirmation calls for specific attention from the close family as it may divert family resources towards medical attention. Abortion may also lead to extreme pain and loss of life. This underlines the fact that abortion should be done only when necessary. I know of a lady who carried out an abortion at home without any aid from physicians. She told me that the pain she felt was worse than labor pains. Even today, she still feels the uterus wounds whenever she carries a heavy load.

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Even though abortion is dangerous, it is a necessary evil if it involves protection of the life of an expectant mother. If the expectant mother has health problems, then we have to perform it. It has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2007 that 68,000 women die every year from pregnancy related problems and illegal abortion. If abortion can be legalized under the right circumstances, then lives of many people would be saved. Death occurs mostly in illegal abortions. On the same note, death may occur in case a woman refuses to abort a life threatening abortion. In a 2007 research, Bateman explained that, and I quote, “in most cases, single women and young girls face the direct consequences of abortion. However, the entire society suffers too. The lives of innocent babies are destroyed from misconduct of people”. Bateman goes further to posit that in a married situation, men often engage in drug abuse in order to relieve themselves from the abortion’s effect. The doctors and physicians are not spared either as they often find themselves in prison as a result of performing illegal abortions. Bateman posits that 90 percent of the community is affected either directly or indirectly by abortion (Bateman, 2007). I have lost a friend from abortion. My friend, Anne, used bitter herbs to terminate her pregnancy. It was at night, and she did not want people to know. She had excessive hemorrhage accompanied by severe pain. By the time her mother knew, she had been already dead.

Abortion is preventive and safe when done by experts in a legal way. Laws should, therefore, be enforced to allow abortion when necessary. This would reduce illegal abortions and uncalled for suffering. The society needs to be informed that as long as the person has the right reasons (as prescribed by law), she should not be prevented from aborting. The government should implement and enforce laws that encourage legal abortions. The society needs awareness campaigns in order to be enlightened on the need for legal abortions. This can be done by use of the mass media, for instance the internet, television, local dailies and so on. Another approach could be through conducting public gatherings to educate the community on the government’s laws and policies on abortion. These plans of action will make the government succeed in fostering legal abortions.

With the right legislations and community support, abortion will not be a problem to anyone. The society will have the required knowledge to pursue safe abortions when needed. Suffering caused by illegal abortions will no longer exist. On the other hand, failure to enforce policies and carry out awareness campaigns on abortion will increase deaths and suffering of the unborn, potential mothers and the entire society.

 In conclusion, legalizing abortion will significantly reduce human suffering associated with the practice. We need to save lives of expectant mothers, as well as the unborn babies. We need to realize that abortion is not all evil and can be safe when done in the right environs. Right legislations and community support are crucial to foster safe abortion. A legal abortion means that the reason for it should be justifiable by law. The justification by law should consider both the unborn child and the expectant mother. This calls on all of us to take the lead in tackling this sensitive issue of abortion. Let us take the lead in demystifying abortion by talking about it whenever given a chance. Let us tell one and all that abortion can be legal, depending on the reasons for it.  


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