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The empirical question for the article is: has legalizing abortion impacted the rate of crimes to be reduced? This question has been applied as the basis of the study to direct the study. The hypothesis of the study is that increased abortion will directly help reduce cases of abortion. This has been applied as the empirical answer to the hypothesis used for the study. Several economic theories have also been provided. A good example is the price & demand affect. This has been shown to be related to the argument and hypothesis presented in this paper. This approach forms an appropriate basis through which the paper has been discussed and presented to the reader.

In the case, we have study that was conducted at "Roe v. Wade". In these states, there was the need to address the issue of abortion and establish how it appears to be related with abortion and crime rate. This has been put in place as a way of setting up the ground for the paper and to show the effect(s) of legalizing abortion in different States. Basically, the case at Roe vs. Wade shows how it would be necessary to abolish crime by legalizing abortion. This is basically the basis of this paper.

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Previous studies, Discussing the Empirical Study, and the Robustness Test

Previous studies

The previous study done is NCVS and had been done to analyze how abortion is related to crime levels. This also tries to connect to the empirical study for abortion for this current study. The authors argue that children who are planned for are never aborted and thus are given decent upbringing. This will also make sure the children do not become criminals. Children who would have been born by single parents, but aborted, would be given poor upbringing. This is in the case they are not aborted (Donohue & Levitt, 2001). Abortion is something that can help reduce chances of poor upbringing thereby having responsible citizens. Combined with better upbringing, this definitely reduces chances of criminal activities. The bulleting therefore offers an insight to the ongoing debate whether abortion should be permitted or not.

The author try to explore their study topic be engaging a number of alternative processes or pathways through which incidences of abortion can greatly impact on criminal prevalence. In order to achieve this, different theories and approaches have been applied to generate what they call "back-of-the-envelope" evident calculations (Donohue & Levitt, 2001). This makes it possible to link various theories with facts and findings from the major researches carried out regarding the topic. Empirical evidence is used here to explain ways of supporting the topic.

The hypothesis used in the paper is that: abortion legalization will dramatically help reduce criminal occurrence. This hypothesis is used to develop the research design. Information is then gathered from different sources to examine the recorded abortions and the significance of criminal activities in the regions. This helps economists and sociologists make informed decisions regarding the situation.

Also relevant findings have been provided in the paper. The article explains that increased levels of crime were common in regions and states where strict abortion laws exist (Donohue & Levitt, 2001). This is because there is a co-relationship between crime and abortion. As well, most of the evidence obtained for this study show that most of the information obtained from previous researches show that crime increases in areas where there are stringent laws prohibiting abortion.

Discussing the Empirical Study

The study included several variables to arrive at convincing findings. During the study, a number of sampling techniques were applied and also a number of samples being tested included different ethnic groups, ages, States, crime categories, crime rates, and birth rate. All these would be used to make sure appropriate results were obtained and by so doing make the study resourceful and informative towards policy making.

From the study, the results of the empirical study showed a very big relationship between criminal levels and abortion rates in the states. The variables affected each other and what is the roll of legalizing abortion on them because of various impacts they have on different factors. However, they as well made it possible to come up with a rough sample of how abortion might determine criminal levels. For instance, the some states have conducted similar studies with similar results obtained.

Use of randomized data from different states in the country to analyze the relationship between abortion and crime levels was a success. This kind of qualitative research method combined with quantitative and empirical strategies made it possible for the authors to effectively give explanations, findings and discussions for their study (Donohue & Levitt, 2001). This made the study a success and established that legalizing abortion can help minimize crime in the long run. The issues mentioned and the results presented show how legalizing abortion can help fight crime.

Robust Test

There are a number of factors that may have affected the crime rates. Such factors include the increasing use of incarceration, growth in the number of police, improved policing strategies such as those adopted in New York, declines in the crack cocaine trade, the strong economy, and increased expenditures on victim precautions such as security guards and alarms. That being the case, such events will definitely affect the study. That being the case, there was the need to use extensive analyses and data collection in order to single out the sources of information useful for this study and therefore help in establishing the major relationships between abortion and crime.


In conclusion, this bulletin is a reliable study explaining the relevance of allowing abortion as a way of reducing crime. This will make it possible fight the vice and make societies safe for human existence. As well, there has been appropriate use of theories and application of good research methods to come up with convincing evidence regarding the study topic. As well, more similar researches can be adopted to help economists and policymakers understand how we can deal with abortion as a way of making the society safe for everyone. As well, other researches can be studied to determine the new policy changes as a way of dealing with crime.


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