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Different theories have been developed to either support or object to abortion by several writers. Among them is Mary Anne Warren whose arguments form the basis of my research. According to Warren, abortion is not admissible due to its immoral sense in a morally inclined society.  She claims that abortion is inhuman. One is genetically human; belonging to the Homo sapiens group.  Her second argument is that because one is regarded as bona-fide member of a moral society, the person attains moral sense. These two qualifies the subject to acquire human status!

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Warren attempts to define what a moral community is; saying that, a moral society is where set of beings have full and equal moral rights. Mary goes a head to explain that these beings are not any other, but persons whom she regards as possessing moral values. Women fall under this, therefore making her to fully support their quest for abortion irrespective of the stages of pregnancy. Her conclusion to this matter is that abortion should be legalized as long as it serves the interest of 'persons', but not the unborn. In this context she does not recognize fetuses as members of the society and emphasize that at no stage they will resemble people to qualify for enjoyment of the same rights.  

Interestingly, this view is at variance with her early admission that beings are human in nature; due to their collective category of Homo sapiens which according to me includes the unborn. Also referring to Jefferson’s assertions of these rights to men, Warren’s rights for women is alone voice in the wilderness!  Her crusade for this vice creates a backlash due to being against religious practices advocated by Pope John.

On his submissions, Don Marquis is complete opposite of Warren. Marquis is against abortion and defines it as an absolute immorality. He says that this vice constitute to general killing of an adult whose future value is effectively wasted! At this point, he also doesn’t recognize fetuses just like Warren. He however supports the religious perception of sanctity of life irrespective of circumstances. 


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