Free Medical Abortions Essay Sample

The interviewees agreed that medical abortions are not always for curative purposes. In fact up to 70% of all abortions carried out in hospitals and clinics are not supposed to save the mother’s lives, but rather done by the mothers’ demands. In majority of cases women, who are making abortions are not ready to give a birth to a child due to several reasons: young age, lack of material welfare or the cases when the father of future baby cannot be considered as the suitable spouse. In addition in some cases women are not ready to change the life values from the career oriented strategy to raising a child. The procedure of abortions is common for the societies of the least developed countries (Afghanistan) where women are not provided with the permissions of having a good job, which may make them independent in the decision making process and provide with the material sources for raising the child. At the same time, such procedure is common for those societies, which have empowered females in a proper manner (US in particular) - with the possibility of making choice whether to do abortions or no. This is because empowered women have both the resources and power to make a choice to abort. At the same time, it is not possible to say that there is no demand for abortion in societies that suppress women, but rather women from marginalized social groups have the lack the money for procuring safe abortions and power to make a choice to abort. For example, a low report on abortion in Afghanistan simply means that women in the country cannot access safe abortions and that the society does not give them the option. This does not mean that they are morally up right than those in other areas of the world.

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Both doctors agreed that abortion has its risks. These risks range from physical to psychological. Some of the risks stated by the interviewees include vaginal bleeding, which can  last for over a week and have a risk of infection. Psychological risk involves the mental disturbance - depressions, apathy, sexual disorders on the mental level, which  the mother experiences after the exercise.

The researcher posed a question to the doctors about whether they thought abortion could be a way of family planning; they both said that they don’t agree with that. They said that even if it was a mean of controlling the population, it would have been the most expensive in terms involving the risk and monetary expenditures. They further agreed that with women empowerment in most societies, women had the power to choose whether to keep their pregnancies or to get rid of them. At the same time, one doctor supposed that in liberal societies like our one, abortion should be legalized to ensure that quacks do not carry out the procedure at the back streets. The core reason for that is the constant demand for abortions, which does not depend on the fact whether the abortion is legalized in the society or not. In the case if the abortion is legalized, its safety is guaranteed for the women, needing it. After the discussion the question of the procedure frequency with the doctors, the exact numbers have not been disclosed, but both doctors have emphasized that such procedure is carried out every day for more than 3-4 times.

While taking in account the fact that there are different approaches in the various societies towards the abortion procedure, its legalities and ethical aspect, the core emphasis should be put on the outcomes of this procedure for females. That is why I would like to recommend the new direction for the further research - the outcomes of the abortions for the females’ mental health. Such approach of the further investigation is mainly caused by the fact that in majority if cases females regret about the abortions after some time. The main reason for that is the loneliness and emptiness and in some cases females lose their reproductive function after the abortion. That is why the three directions- mental and psychological conditions and outcomes for female health should be investigated ion the light of safe abortions, which apply the mifepristone-misoprostol.



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