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Abortion discussion in the public domain has most often centred on the policy and failed to address the main courses, the social issues. There is therefore minimal focus on reasons why the 1.3 million women abort each year in the United States. It is therefore imperative to look at the reasons why women carry out abortions in detail. Unless such reasons are addressed, abortion cases, which endanger the lives of women, will continue to rise.

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When to Legalize Abortion

When pregnancy presents danger to the mother, there is the need to legalize abortion so that a life is saved. If the process is to be illegal at all costs, a loophole will exist especially when the life of the mother is in grave danger. This is a major point through which the abortion debate has been established in different parts of the world. From reports and statistics, it is shown that many women die while giving birth after indications have been ignored. As well, it is proved that the health and life of a woman is in danger during pregnancy. A slight complication with the pregnancy can present different challenges thus putting the life of the child in great danger. That being the case, it is necessary to reconsider the abortion debate and make sure no life is endangered during pregnancy.

In order to make the process safe when it is indicated that the life of the mother is in danger, it is necessary to make sure it has been conducted intelligently and through the application of the best practices. The present need is to explore appropriate measures in order to promote positive abortion. As a proponent of abortion when the life of the mother is in danger, it is necessary for societies to come up with new ways to ensure there are appropriate ways and means to make abortion safe and be done in accordance with all health requirements.

There are social reasons that make women to abort. A majority cite their inability to afford a child. Another large group point to the fact that the responsibilities to a child are enormous, partner issues and their unwillingness to become parents. It is important to make sure appropriate interventions are undertaken on women whose lives are in danger. However, it would be appropriate to make sure not every individual is allowed to abort. Physicians and doctors should prove beyond doubts that the life of the mother is in danger for the process to be allowed. Otherwise, any process done against this important requirement will be like committing murder and injustice against humanity. The other reason why this issue is worth debating and not taking it lightly is in the event when a young girl is pregnant. At such an early, the girl might not offer support to the child and therefore the beginning of a miserable life. That being the case, it would be appropriate to encourage abortion and make sure the both the child and the girl are rescued.

A woman might become pregnant after sexual assault such as rape. If such a case happens, chances are very high the mother will always feel guilty of the act and might never forgive both the child and herself. During such situations, we should be human and reason together to make sure this woman is saved from a traumatizing event. The above instances or situations should be widely accepted as some of the major causal factors leading to abortion. To make myself clear, I am not for abortion. What am advocating for here is to allow the practice during those critical times as discussed in the paper.

On the other hand, the opponents of this issue have argued that the law should criminalise the practice of abortion and every person who aborts should be arrested and face similar charges a murderer who has taken one's life. It is true that people should never be allowed to kill. However, what I am arguing for is not killing, but saving the life of the mother whose state is dangerous. That being the case, abortion should be viewed necessary when there is the need to rescue someone's life. This will make everyone's life comfortable. The opponents of my argument should reconsider their stand and allow the practice at those desperate and inadmissible situations.


Any form of practice threatening human life is unacceptable as it is the case with abortion. Abortion is viewed as a crime in our modern world. A man can do a big crime to his fellow man. However, there are critical situations such as a child conceived through rape or when a mother is in danger when the debate should be allowed to take a different course. The aim is to save the life of the mother and settle the guilt connected to a child of rape or any other form of sexual assault. This kind of understanding is what will save humanity towards coming to a common understanding with this debate. If the society fails to reconsider these arguments, definitely, the issue will never be resolved and many people will continue breaking the law trying to abort because the system forbids the practice. Enmity and guilt will continue to persist in the society this consideration is made in our societies.


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