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From the way I understand abortion, it is not a healthy practice unless it is for medical purposes especially to safe life. Abortion has a definition as the process of termination of pregnancy from the uterus prior to viability of delivery. Some countries have legalized the process abortion like some states of America. This negatively contributes to indirect murder of the unborn denying them a chance to live. Perhaps if your other aborted, where can you be?


Abortion is a non-ethical practice in most of the traditional societies regarded as an act geared towards prostitution, which is a taboo. This is evident from statistics from California that show in 2008, about 30% of the commercial prostitutes, have aborted or assisted somebody to abort (Jones, 2008). Abortion hit my conscience after reading a story from the times magazine last year about a woman who aborted after disagreement with the husband. The woman finally died because of the act of abortion. The question behind this is; what is the benefit behind the abortion whether in good or bad terms with the father of the inborn?

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I am addressing this information to women who are in the age of giving birth and the governments and organization that support abortion. The religious community does not support as the Bible describes anybody who takes away the life of another as cursed. One of the Christian Ten Commandments is ‘don’t kill anybody’ as the sixth commandment. This is evidence that everybody has a right to live. The world health organization (WHO) explains unsafe abortion as the one performed by unskilled person. Most of the deaths of women arise from unhealthy methods of terminating pregnancy. Some studies indicate that breast cancer is associated with abortion. The delayed development of breasts leaves some cells that are immature and are cancer prone. Despite legalizing of abortion by the government of the United States, I advise women to think twice before dragging themselves into the act. Arguments Abortion is just a process of committing murder to the unborn babies. Murder is the process of taking away somebody’s life deliberately.

Abortion is a common practice to very willing women who avoid the responsibility of taking care of children. Abortion is a non-ethical process amongst the traditional societies. The history of traditional societies expresses any act of prostitution as a cursed person. History reveals abortion is a taboo. In African traditional societies, a woman who commits the offence pays a fine in form goats. 

Medical term

It should be noted that the termination of pregnancy by the process of removing the fetus or embryo from the uterus is known as abortion. Natural abortion is known as miscarriage, but in general usage the term means purposely removing the fetus or embryo. In the developed world, with the help of modern machineries is a safe process, but in many cases there are reports of unsafe abortions which are performed by untrained medical personals without a proper medical environment. Statistically speaking, unsafe abortions result in around 75 thousand maternal deaths and around 5 million cases of disabilities around the World. Among the 40 million abortions performed globally, half of these are performed in unsafe conditions. Here we will discuss about induced abortion only (Carey, 2007).


The process has a long history. Initially herbal abortifacients and sharp tools were used in the process while the contemporary methods included medicines and other proper surgical procedures. In the world, the legal, social and religious aspects of abortion vary from place to place. To be very specific, abortion has been a very important point of debate and activism along with social activism.  For any individual, his or her position in society, religious values and other ethical and moral questions directly related to the value system of the person and all of these questions surround abortion. The idea of responsibility, ethical scopes and the proper extent of Government laws are some of the other aspects of the process. Along with the religious aspect and its influence of the person has gone to create more and more debates over the issue.


Current laws related to the process of abortion are quite diverse. The differences in religious, moral and cultural sensibilities go to influence the process heavily through out the World. Some major issues like the right to life, the right to liberty, the right of reproductive health, the right of the security of a person etc are used as the proper justifications while dealing with the laws that aim to control abortion (Brickman, 2006). There are several jurisdictions where abortion is legal, but still before an abortion, the patient has to met certain conditions.

An abortion without the consent of the woman is always considered as a feticide. Other requirements depend on the age of the fetus which is determined by a trimester based system to validate if the process is legal or not. But the restrictions are waived in case of emergencies and in case of minors needing abortions parents are alerted from the medical centers. In some other jurisdictions, an abortion needs consent of the father as well as the mother of the fetus. But in every where the health risks associated with aborting is being intimidated to the patient as well as the patient party (Carey, 2007).

Abortion in different countries

In some of the countries abortion is legally banned. But in some of them abortion may be performed in a variety of circumstances based on events of the pregnancy. If the development of fetus is impaired or the mental and physical health of the mother is endangered or other socio-economical conditions come to front, the process may be performed. Countries like Nicaragua, abortion is completely banned strictly, and the country registers a high level of maternal death.

In Bangladesh, abortion is banned in a nominal way, but still there are clinics which continue the process under the name of menstrual hygiene (Sedgh, 2007).

In other places where it is strictly banned, pregnant women some times became medical tourists and go out to places where abortion and legal and complete the procedure. Emergency contraception is available in many countries where abortion is not banned completely, but in countries like Chile, where abortion is banned legally, the processes are available. This has resulted in several controversies as some human rights groups have claimed that these medicines are basically not contraceptives but they are abortifacients (Jones, 2008).

In many countries sex-selective abortion, mostly the abortion of female fetus has been done for long. In many parts of Asia, preference for male child has been reported and which has increased the abortion of female fetus. Even in Taiwan, China, South Korea and some other Asian countries, it was reported that abortion is being used to limit the birth of female children. Abortion laws vary from countries to countries. Countries like Chile, Uruguay, Vatican City, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Malta etc have banned procedure (Brickman, 2006).

Canada has changed abortion from the criminal codes. In the cases of United States and United Kingdom, abortion has been restricted after the aspect of the fetal viability. It is hard to present any international law in the case of abortion. In the developing countries the rate of abortion is regularly increasing as there are lack of good medicines and other medical facilities. It has been said that access to contraceptives will lessen the total number of abortions to 25 million per year from the recent rate of 40 million abortions per year world wide (Jones, 2008).


Abortion has come to be acceptable amongst women so as to enable them pursue their careers. Without realizing that life starts at conception according to God’s teaching, many a young women consider pregnancies as just an act not meant to hinder their progress in this world; hence they can terminate them at will. Where then will the generation of tomorrow come from? Sometimes the body may make a person feel that he or she is ready but an individual should also give importance to his or hers emotions, values and beliefs and should think about the difficulties they will face if the girl involved gets pregnant. Therefore, if one feels unsure and nervous then they should take a step back and think about the real reason for having sex. It is moral value that creates a nation and an individual at the same time. Abortion is immoral and unethical and it is time that we should realize this fact and restrain from such acts that lead to abortion. 


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