Free Teens Choose to Have Abortion Essay Sample

Abortion refers to the termination of a pregnancy where the foetus or the embryo is removed from the uterus. What happens during the surgical process of abortion is that a doctor examines the cervix so that an anesthetic is used to freeze it, and to remove the content of the uterus, a tube that is attached to a machine is inserted into the uterus so as to suck it. "Abortion is therefore, the surgical removal of the developing embryo in a woman's womb." In the US, teens that choose an abortion makes a decision that impact or haunt them for the rest of their lives. People who may know about the teenagers decisions may choose to support or condemn them. Abortion has therefore, remained a controversial topic to be discussed since most states have legalized it and there is no problem for many teens who find themselves pregnant since the law accepts it. "Abortion hence by been legalized in many states has is lead due poor decision making by teenagers."

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In the past teens who were pregnant were regarded to bring shame to the family and they were seen to impact on the reputation of the family. They were then sent to their relatives so that they could stay with them till pregnancy comes to its term. "Abortion is therefore, considered a shameful act among many cultures and communities." But with the legalization of abortion in the US, teens have been in a position to inform their parents so that necessary steps could be taken. At the beginning, teens could use primitive methods to carry out an abortion like the use of bitter herbs and sharp objects. "Abortion in this case has been well handled nowadays than in the past." 

A teen's decision to have or not to have an abortion is influenced by various factors namely: where she lives, the religious background and beliefs, her relationship with the parents, the behavior of her friends or the peer group, access to family planning services and guidance, the educational background level, and the socioeconomic status of her family. "Teens have therefore, been influenced by many factors beyond their control to commit or not to commit abortion." Teens choose to have an abortion because they don't want their lives to be changed by having a baby at an early age. They want to enjoy life since having a baby is a great burden to them. However, teens that go for abortion do not taken into consideration the resultant effects. "In the long run, teens who take a critical point of view on abortion decide to take care of their pregnancies since they can not sacrifice their lives for the sake of enjoying life full of stigmas".

Dowells seconded the fact that teens that opted for abortion were more likely than those who accept and care for their pregnancies be users of contraceptives, are coming from higher class families and likely to have higher educational backgrounds. He also noted the influence posed by parents' attitude and religion towards the same. "Hence abortion is very differently perceived when it comes to social status." Teens coming from poor families lack family support, quality education boyfriends' support and proper training on ways she could earn a living or money. They therefore opt for abortion so as to escape the cycles of poverty and be a different individual in the family and among the friends. "Abortion therefore is most common in low class families." 

Although, the affordability factor creeps in there is a need for teens to take a further step in making their decisions. Most teens opt for abortion since they cannot afford to take care of the new born. "Financial status greatly contributes to committing of abortion." This normally affects and drives teens from poor social backgrounds that they see that having a baby would make them suffer more than when they did not have the baby. This happens due to the fact that one needs enough money to raise and bring up the baby. A baby requires adequate medical attention and warm clothing that can prevent them from chest diseases and problems. "Abortion therefore, is less likely to be considered when one is financially stable."

Teens may also choose to have an abortion because they may feel that they are not mature enough and responsible to handle babies. This has been a major reason among the youths since those who also father the babies are young and are not mature enough to take care of the woman and the baby. "Lack of maturity greatly contributes to youth committing abortion." This therefore, means that the teen fathers and mother have no finance to care for the pregnancy and in the long run this drives them to opt for an abortion to free them from such responsibilities. "Most teen fathers and mothers run away from responsibilities."

According to a research which was undertaken by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the young babies of teen mothers are under weight and normally can die at an early age than those of mature mothers. In conjunction to these, children face a lot of risks like parents neglecting them, being abandoned and they can also be exposed to child abuse. "Research hence shows teens' babies are more likely to suffer than other babies from mature individuals." The underlying reason behind all these is parent's immaturity and lack of financial resources. On the other hand, teens may not decide to undertake abortion because their parents may be willing to take care of their babies because so that they continue with their education and also these babies can be adopted. Teens that carry out an abortion are said to have made responsible decisions since there are consequences accompanying those children born by teen parent. These children are seen to be poor performers in school and they are more likely to drop out of school. "Abortion has therefore been considered by others as a responsible decision since raising a baby is much more difficult."

Teens also choose to have abortions because of their social status, most teens coming from high class families have abortions, for the family reputation to be kept and for them to continue with their education. "Abortion in this case is advantageous to people of high social status." Unlike those from poor backgrounds, teens from high class families acquire their diplomas and degrees and later have babies when they are financially stable. Teens from poor backgrounds may not be in a position to pay for abortion services and as such they surrender and have their babies. This is also facilitated by the fact that teens lives impact on their mothers or parents lives. Parents feel that teen's educational plans are disrupted and believe that their daughters can raise their children in abject poverty. "Abortion is therefore, expensive to teens from poor families."

Availability of abortion providers influences a teen's choice to go for an abortion. In states where abortionists are all over teens go for abortion while in some areas where you have to travel far looking for them. "Abortion service providers are therefore, available in some states." If there are limited services, teens can decide to take care of their pregnancies because they may be incurring large transformational costs looking for the abortionist. In 2005, a research carried out by Planned Parenthood Federation of the US found out that 87% of the counties had no providers of abortion services and with this people had to travel more than fifty miles looking for the service. "Abortion services were hence rare to find."

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Teens that know and understand the consequences of abortion do not attempt abortion which others may assume. Abortion results to both spiritual and physical effects, which, if one takes this into consideration can not think of aborting a baby. "Hence teens with good knowledge on abortion and its consequences will not opt for it." Abortion results to sin which makes one feels guilty of his or her offences. This is according to a research reported in the America journal of psychiatry, the research states that patients who were well before they aborted later experiences psychoses caused by the guilty of doing abortion. This results to regrets and self condemnation and also ruins personal relationship with God. Thus, when a clever teen remember this she decides to avoid the vice as it results to permanent stigmas and un-forgiveness. "Religion and its teachings don't allow abortion as it is a sin."

Although, there are those who assume and go on to abort their babies because of their religious background. In the western world one out six who abort describes themselves as evangelicals meaning that teens no longer adhere to their Christian moral teaching and they no longer fear sin.

However, the physical effects associated with abortion, make one not to undertake it as a solution to the problem at hand. This is due to the fact that women who abort are experiencing multiple problems according to the US National institute of health. "Abortion leads to health complications in women." The institute highlighted a number of effects which are detrimental to a woman's life. For instance, women who aborted had more than 85% miscarriage rate in subsequent pregnancies than those who had not; they experienced 47% higher complications during labor and 83% higher to complications related to delivery, and 67% more prone to have babies born prematurely and have miscarriage their wanted pregnancies more than twice. Bearing these in mind a teen may not choose to abort her baby even if the conditions are not favorable to her since the complications supercede the cost of bringing up a baby. Other consequences associated with adolescence abortion include: damage of the reproductive organs which occur when crude methods are used, uterine perforation which means that the uterine wall might have been accidently pierced or injured during the process, and infertility. All these impacts help a teen to make a suitable decision concerning her pregnancy since she analyses the problems and weight them with losing an innocent being. "Abortion hence when committed by a woman leads to severe consequences in her future reproduction."

Teens may also opt for abortion because of medical problems otherwise they would have not. Doctors normally recommend an abortion if the patient has birth defects, which may bring, complications to her life, abortion in this case safeguards the mother's life. "Abortion can at times be recommended by doctors to save the woman's life." Thus, teens should not go for an abortion any how without a reason that can be proved to be detrimental to her status. Although, others may not choose abortion other circumstances may force them to do so. For instance in a case of rape and incest, pregnancies resulting from these make teens worry a lot since they cannot tolerate the emotional and psychological difficulties associated to pregnancies of this nature. However, the prolife movement states clearly that the unborn has the right to live and should not be punished by abortionist but rather the person who deserves punishment is the on who committed the crime. "Sometimes a woman has no choice but consider abortion in case she was raped since raising that child will remind her of the awful memory."

In other states, pregnant teens are provided ante natal care, health care programmes and comprehensive care during pregnancy by the government. This therefore, makes teens not to abort their babies since the state provides for them. "Therefore, providing health services to pregnant teens has lead to reduction of abortion cases." In such states there are educational programmes directed towards pregnant women, meaning that the cultural setting of this states favor and promotes teens because they recognize the importance of the young population since it channels the required resources especially in the health sector. However, other teens may not be interested with this since they want to pursue their own interests and in turn carry out an abortion so that they can go on with their daily routines. "Most teens hence commit abortion so as to return to their normal lives." (Fleisher 2010)

In the US there are laws restricting teens from accessing abortion. This has therefore, reduced the number of those opting for the same and also has influenced their decisions to carry out an abortion. The law stipulates that a teen should get parental consent before making a decision about aborting a baby, and also the clinician or the doctor should get teen's parent consent before performing the abortion. "The imposed laws have therefore limited teens from abortion since parents may deny them."

Incidents like these end up breaking family ties and relationships since parents may not support their daughter decisions, and they may end up disowning them. From this, teens have learned not to abort as it could be something that their parent may not be happy with. There is also the fact that they want to maintain their family ties no matter what circumstances they are undergoing. "Abortion leads to problems in many families due to conflicting opinions between parents and teens." This can also be exemplified by the due process of the court which is always delayed which causes delay in abortion. As abortion is delayed, prices go up and the teens may not be able to pay for it. This has led to a decrease in the number of teens opting for an abortion since they cannot waste their time in court because of their parent's refusal. "Raising abortion fee is a good idea to curb the spread of abortion activities."


In conclusion, young women who opt for an abortion have to been guided, and counseled before making a decision; this is to aid one make informed decisions. This is because of the risks associated with abortion which are detrimental to one's health and the country's economy as a whole. There is need to have sex and other educational programmes that are geared towards the reduction of early pregnancies among the youth. "Therefore, imparting knowledge to teens on abortion will go a long way in curbing the widespread committing of abortion." Abstinences and the use of contraceptives are among the methods that the youth have to be though so as to reduce pregnancies. Teens have to be encouraged to have their babies since there are adopting agencies which can take care of the babies so that they continue with their education and also the fact that there are people who want to be the guardians of those babies. "Abstinence is therefore, the best solution for teens to avoid abortion since by abstinence to sex; unwanted pregnancies will not arise hence having no need for abortion."


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