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There are a number of times when people who are expected to be the opinion leaders for example teachers, religious and political leaders are faced with difficult situations. They give opinions because they are supposed to but not because those opinions are necessary. So opinions are just held for the sake, which is confusing and aimless. If a teacher was to give a speech on a parents' day meeting in a high school on abortion, he would be expected to stand against it and condemn the act. On the same note, a religious leader say a pastor in a church would be expected to strongly condemn abortion. Politicians however have the option of standing for or against abortion. Politicians rarely express their true opinions but the views held by the political parties with more power and influence. A doctor while may be giving an opinion in a publication would say that abortion is not totally bad and plead for its legalization.

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There has been changing attitudes toward abortion in recent years. Globally, abortion still remains a very emotional, controversial and complicated subject. However, according to Shlemon it is easy because one just has to do the right thing. Several resources have already been used in conducting out research. Opinions of different religions, countries, generations, and age-groups have been sought. Unfortunately, all this is not really helping and such resources should be used in other issues like fighting poverty in several countries. Truthfully speaking abortion is not the biggest global problem or challenge. Public opinions and debates on abortion are irrelevant.

Abortion is a personal choice though leaders give public opinions on the same. It is equivalent of murder which is a sin to many religious people. In Christianity for example, God is the giver of life. Taking away of life should be left to God because he is also the giver. There is no adequate justification for taking the life of a human being. One should not terminate a life because of low income and being unable to bear children. It is still wrong to abort because of a chance of serious defect in the fetus. God being the supreme giver of life has power to heal the defects and when a child is born with a defect it is still God's creation. There is a reason as to why God lets a child have a defect; usually it is for His glory.

Terminating a life is interfering with God's perfect plans for humankind. Christians are called to accept God's will. Human beings are not in a position to decide which life is more important between a fetus and its mother. Thus, not even jeopardy of a mother's life justifies abortion. Doctors should stop misinforming women that abortion might be an acceptable solution to health problems, economic and social difficulties.

According to the Scottish Catholic Observer, Pope Benedict XVI says that abortion solves nothing, instead it kills life, emotionally and psychologically destroys the mother, weighs heavily on the conscience of the father and consequently ruins the family values. Convincing women that abortion is a legitimate choice and a therapeutic act to prevent babies from suffering is wrong. Abortion is murder and the irony is that those who support abortion are all born. Pregnancy can be avoided according to Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, when there are valid reasons but if it occurs, it is wrong to terminate it.

On the other hand, abortion is a choice that should be given to mothers in the modern environment. A mother's reason for abortion could be lack of finances to take care of the child, medical issues, bad feeling caused by pregnancies resulting from rape, lack of enough material and emotional support from the father of the unborn child among others. Some pregnancies are terminated to save the lives of their mothers.  It is better to save the life of one person than eventually losing both. In the modern environment, life is not only about having babies; one should be allowed to pursue other goals. For example one should be freed to terminate a pregnancy to pursue education and some demanding careers. Motherhood is not easy and one should really be ready before giving birth.

The arguments for and against abortions are inexhaustible. Both those who propose and those who oppose abortion have countless justifications for their stands. According to McClatchy (2011) debates on abortion and passing out a bill is a waist of time. Those who are against abortion based on moral and religious issue should not be concerned over its legalization. In any case the debate s is there because they have failed in influecing morals. A Christian would not go for an abortion simply because it has been legalized. Similarly, a liberalist will not keep a pregnancy because it is not legal to abort. She will find a means of doing it even if it means doing it in unsafe conditions say hidden with a quack.

It is more wrong to kill two people where it is possible to save at least one. Political views on abortion are time wasting, while religious views are neither right nor wrong and liberalist views are not illegal. Doctors should be able to decide when an abortion is needed. According to Laura Meckler discussions on abortion are just consuming money which can be used in other projects. The opinion leaders should address other bigger issues. Public opinions on abortion are irrelevant and the activists should engage in more productive undertakings.


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