Free The Argument About Abortion Essay Sample

Arguments on abortion have therefore divided the whole world into two factions, thus the pro-life and the pro-choice. Advocates of pro-life have always argued that carrying out abortion is equivalent to committing murder and it is an extreme level of child abuse. On the other hand, advocates of pro-choice have strong beliefs that in order to end pregnancies, then abortions were the only justifiable means. The pro-choice advocates have therefore held the fact that the rights of the fetus should never override that of its mother since the fetus is not yet fully human and as such, it should not be entitled to any rights whatsoever (George 140).

Knowing the definition of a human being is very vital in order to justify abortion. It should therefore be ascertained whether a human being results from the mere fertilization of an egg by a sperm. During this level of fertilization, it should be noted that the human is normally composed of one single cell which has a very unique structure of DNA. Despite the fact that termination of this unique cell may be seen to be wrong by some people, they should however think if the single cell constitutes a human being. If a human being is defined by possession of a specific level of acknowledgement and awareness of the individual, then it won't be wrong if the fetus which has not yet become a human being is aborted because it will be like saying it is immoral to destroy a malignant tumor in the body of the human being (Lee 108). 

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Questions will always arise whether emphasis should be put on awareness and intelligent in the definition of a human being. A fetus cannot be regarded to posses the form of intelligent life since it doesn't have any experience and as such, it has got no thoughts and intelligence. Human beings do exist because they can doubt their existence unlike a fetus which can do so. If a human being stopped thinking, then the human being will also cease to exist and therefore it is not possible for an unborn child to truly think and even doubt its existence (White 86).

It can be argued that a human being can only earn a right to life if the human being in question has an interest in their own future. Even though a fetus can also be defined as being a human being since it has the potential life, the fetus has no aspiration to live. It is therefore difficult to argue that the fetus also values its future because if it does so, then why should it have a right to the life? It could also be argued that because the kid can't independently survive of the mother before around 4 months into the pregnancy, it can't be referred to as a human being but referred to as an attachment to the mother. As such, the mother should therefore be given the power to terminate any time she wants unlike when the kid is physically independent of the mother, in which case, unlike a situation where an ending action that is potentially life threatening would be directly be inflicted on the child and not to its mother. If it is based on the fact that the fetus is small baby, anti-abortionists would still hold the view that abortion is immoral even when done to save the life of the mother (Peter 51).

If the life of a fetus can be terminated because its mother doesn't view it as the potential child she has expected, then this will equate to effectively grading the life of human beings. Even though partly, the fetus is part of the mother, this does not give her the right to decide its destiny of living since the fetus is termed to be a separate life form of the mother while a different form of cell cluster is also termed to be part of her. Some people will claim that the mother has powers to choose anything happening on her body though this does not consider the fact that the mother will also be choosing what happens to the body of another person even if it has not yet been fully formed (Zembaty200).

Since the fetus is within the body of the mother and she is responsible for producing it, she should hold the right to terminate it like she does to any part of her body. The rights of the mother should always exceed the rights of the fetus and even though the fetus is a living organism, it doesn't amount to it being a human being and therefore in this aspect, abortion is justifiable.


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