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Pro-life has been an astounding issues currently in many societies including the United States. It is clear that that in most instances it seems as though not even one party or candidates fully reflects our moral values that makes it more challenging for various people to either support or not to support the idea of pro-life. Reason being that we have various hindrances in our way does not mean that we as citizens of the united state should run away from our responsibilities. If we consider a couple of familiar conundrums which we happen to submit, do very little in offering support to pro-life  or what is also referred to as anti-abortion arguments.

Nonetheless, in relation to the incredible paradox of non-being, most nations do manage to demonstrate the extraordinary mystery and paradox which is generated as people contemplate the ontological status of possible individuals as well as potential individuals. To pro-lifers, they contend in a bizarre argument that it would have been not right for one not to have been conceived, what then are we to arise to conclusion unto such reactions? Noticeably, such notions and arguments apply not only to abortion but also to the decision not to procreate, which is a decision enacted through abortion and birth control in the United States (Colker, 1992).

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To begin with, in a 1999 statement which was titled Faithful Citizenship, Catholic Bishops in the United States asserted that "As bishops it isn't only their obligation as citizens but their responsibility as citizens but they stated that it is their mandate as religious teachers to voice out their moral stand of public life. It is clear that in the Catholic community, they, the Catholics enter into the public forum to act on the moral convictions of the Catholics. This is achieved through sharing of experiences of the Catholics to serve the vulnerable and the poor, in so doing we add our values to the dialogue over the future of the nation (Gorney, 1998).

Catholics are called to be a community of conscience within the large community and are basically interested in testing public life through their moral wisdom anchored in the scripture and must be in the line with the good of our nation's founding ideals." Furthermore, for conservatives, the public virtue is one of the important aspects in life which is building the common good. For instance in the tradition of Catholic, a citizen who responsible is a virtue and participation in political process and as Catholics we propose that all citizens be part and be able to embrace their citizenship not as a duty but as a privilege, but also a means of promoting the building of the culture of life. Every voice is important in the public forum.

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Therefore, we see that politicians who are in favor of laws that legalize the crimes of euthanasia or abortion are guilty because they are committing a gravely immoral act and can also be stopped from taking Holy Communion. In order for an immoral act be considered a mortal sin, the following three specification are to be considered: a) it must be a serious issue, b) with knowledge of its seriousness, c) participation must be freely and willful. Therefore is an individual does this willingly but with the knowledge then he or she is guilty of mortal sin. Surely, conservatives believe that pro choice goes against the church teachings (Gorney, 1998).

Surely, some politicians who are in the support of pro-choice would like to take the lesser of two evils by giving the reason that some of the pro-life candidates are against the law that protects the right of poor and elderly as if such issues are vital as compared to the issue of pro-life. John Paul II clearly puts it that "it is never lawful, still for the gravest reason to do an evil with the perception that good may come out of it." (Gorney, 1998).  This is so even if the evil intentions promote the good of the nation in general.

Finally, some of the conservatives have been seen voting for pro-life but as conservatives we have to read between the lines more carefully and become informed. The case may appear differently if there are two candidates in support of pro-life but just have took to that is a bit closer to the full gospel of life but when it come to identifying between two contestants whereby one is pro-life and the other is pro-choice, then we must always choose pro-life as the only option. It is evident that there is no way we can escape this moral responsibility before God.


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