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Expectant women who have doubts about keeping the baby and are thinking about terminating the pregnancy should carefully weigh their options and make her decision without outside interference for example, through a law. The pregnant woman would have to decide on her own if she would want to visit a pregnancy help center or is ready to have an abortion should be a decision that will be made by the pregnant woman. Abortion is not a decision that can be made easily and overnight. It needs a lot of thought and should be made for good decisions known to the woman herself right now and in future. Before the legalization of abortion women in America died in thousands and others health damaged for a life time because of humiliating and dangerous abortions. I support the fact that if these women want to visit abortion clinics they should be allowed to do that because they are given the same advice and information on the facts of abortion but the sole decision lies with her at the end whether to keep it or not even if she has to forcefully visit the pregnancy help centers.

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There are several reasons why the abortion decision has been entrusted to each woman and society trusts them to make the right choice.  Laws that are do not support abortion kill women because if these women are determined to have abortions they do it in dangerous conditions that may lead to death. Women's health was protected if the abortion done was legitimate, which may be vital during child birth for example severe hypertension. It is discriminatory not to have abortion because low-income women have no choice but to have abortions that are induced by themselves or they go to back-alley.

The laws that force these women to carry the pregnancies to term which they do not even want, this does not comply with the free society. More children bearing more without abortion decisions to be made the teenagers even at age of 14 will live a life of being dependant, hopeless, and being jobless. Women are forced to carry children till they are born even though they were raped. The women hate what they are carrying inside them; they can hardly accept something that made them miserable even though the baby has no wrong. Choice of abortion or keeping a pregnancy is good for most families which avoid tensions and being pushed below the survival line in the economy (Bowers, 65). They come about because of unwanted pregnancies and the women should have open options to make decisions that protect her career and family from difficulties and the government should not make the decision for them. The government should not force a law that defines a fetus as a full person which allows the fetus to have feeling, be conscious and think is absurd and out of this world as it diminishes the women by  a great deal.

Arguments based on the Article: Women Seeking Abortions in South Dakota to Get Anti-Abortion Advice

Dakota is the first state that had a law signed which makes it publicly clear that women have to go for consultations at any of the help centers for pregnancy if they are seeking to have abortion done. These centers help them to care for themselves and the babies. The legislation passed without a lot of hitches in a legislature state. The Democrats came short of the votes making republicans winners by 3 to 1. Three days was also found out to be the longest time period that a pregnant woman who seeks an abortion has to wait, before any procedure related to abortion is done after visiting an abortion provider the first time (Sulzberger, 1). Rape and incest are not seen as emergencies and hence not exempted to have the emergency abortions done. The Dakota law stands on its own because the counseling that had been mandated will only comes from individuals that are centrally against abortion as a qualification. Because of this, health risks and related topics should be comprehensively covered by staff members of clinics or doctors because it is required by many states. Mr. Daugaard who is a republican expressed his thoughts by saying that he thinks that everyone agrees with the goal of reducing abortion by encouraging consideration of other alternatives (Sulzberger, 1).

Rights of abortion followers have come out to strongly oppose the law when they were instigated by the law globally and in the U.S. who said that it was a hindrance that was not constitutional for abortion seekers. Republicans from country statehouses have used the success they had in the elections to enable bills to go through which involved abortion reduction. Elizabeth Nash says that there has been introduction of legislations like the one above which included abortion health insurance restriction bills, and stop abortions for women whose fetus was more than 20 weeks old. Nash follows up on the abortion legislation for an organization that deals with research called Guttmacher Institute. Dakota's bill became law even though it had the lowest rates in the U.S. and has become a ground for war over the abortion issue.

There has been a tactical shift by opponents' where there has been recent growth of women being required to go to the help centers. The centers have religious and secular influence. They are allowed to counsel the women and abide by the law by restricting their mission to teach and assist the pregnant women maintain a caring and loving relationship with their children who are not yet born. These women are required to go for consultations at help centers for pregnant women and be educated on how they can be helped to care for the pregnancy when it is born and later on to some extent.  These help centers are not clinics where abortions are performed, they provide free pregnancy tests for women who can not afford to pay, information on abortion and tests for diseases that are sexually transmitted. Their main dedication is to have women encouraged to keep their unborn babies and bring them to term. Roger Hunt stated that there's greater assurance that a woman considering an abortion is going to be fully informed about all the risks and about all the options (Sulzberger, 1)

The Alpha center founder and Anti-abortion leader said that the services provided by her clinic are carried out by professionals and would make sure that the women did not make decisions whether to abort or not because of pressure exerted on them by their parents or their partners (Lewin, 1). Leslee Unruh said that the women who regret the decision of aborting are already being counseled at the clinic. If the women actually wanted to abort they would because they had freedom of choice.

This law had the likelihood of building tensions between the help centers and individuals who provided the abortion services. They are regularly situated in the same area and are all under abortion in the phone books and they regularly accuse one another of lying to the women and manipulating them for their own personal gains. Leslee Unruh asked what the abortion clinics were afraid and suggested the change of the minds of women not to go through with abortion. A clinic called Planned Parenthood provides women with abortions that are performed without any emergencies in Dakota. No local doctors are available to willingly perform the operations hence other doctors have to fly each week into Dakota from Minnesota to do the abortions.

In some cases patients have to drive or travel over the state to have the abortions performed and to follow the new law they had to make trips back and forth or look for a place to stay for three days that they are supposed to wait to have the abortion done (Sulzberger, 1). The president of the clinic Planned Parenthood Ms. Stoesz said that they were quite careful to have the women make independent decisions and could even turn away women who looked to have made a decision by being pressured. She said that wrong information was being provided to the women by the pregnancy health centers employees. This is information is on the risks of the women's psychology and physical that came about from the procedure and showed them photos that were graphic so that they can change their minds on undergoing abortion. Ms. Stoesz said that they are not lincenced, they are not regulated, they are not accredited and they're openly ideological.  The idea of women who are pregnant being mandated legally by individuals who are not even professionals in medicine and not that anyone should force them, is on the far downside.


Rape and incest are not emergencies for having an abortion done and these women should bear the child and try to have a relationship with the unborn child and after it is born. They are advised by counselors why they should keep the baby and speak out their hearts when they have problems (Smith, 1). They are like their family and look out for them whenever they have problems at one point or another. The counselors who work in the pregnancy help centers promise to give these women to get assistance to get apartments, jobs and enable them to complete schools and get their degrees.

Response to Opposition

When women are compelled to bear a child from an unwanted pregnancy the outcome is an unwanted child. These cases are most crucial in society whereby they are mostly uncared for, abandoned in the middle of nowhere, treated brutally, and are unloved. They grow up in poor families mostly, disadvantages, sometimes show harshness towards others because of the life they passed through as they grew up (Simon, 1). In rape cases, these women have the children that they hate because maybe they did not even know who did this brutal and demeaning act to them. They cannot stand the sight of these innocent children because they remind them of how they got pregnant. This is bad for these children, the women in society and for the whole country at large. Children need to be born into families who love, care and want the. The counselors help the women through the pregnancy but they do not support them their whole child upbringing hence they are only helped for sometime which cannot be said to be reliable enough to make such promises to thousands of girls who get pregnant everyday.


The leaders, who do not support abortion, fight against ideas that bring about programs that help the women protect their well being and health and also for their children. These programs fight against programs of health and the diet nutrition of children after they are born. The groups believe in life from conception of the child and unfortunately come to an end when the baby is born. I honestly do not think they respect life. Life is not what is being fought for they want to return women to a world where they had limited choices and had no control over their futures (Smith, 1).

Abortion and contraceptives give women immense freedom that is liberating for them to make decisions on this vital matter because they understand best what they are undergoing when they are pregnant, the challenges that will be faced during the pregnancy will be felt by them alone even if the counselors will be there they would not do a lot. They should be given a chance to think about their future with or without the child that she is carrying, how it will impact her life whether it will be in a positive on negative manner or even better if she can do well enough to have the baby and meet the daily needs for both her and the baby. Women have a right to decide when and whether to have children, when they should have it and under what circumstances. The abortion decision should hence be the woman's choice and not based on a law that is forced on pregnant women to seek anti-abortion advice when they are most vulnerable and need to make a decision that may change the rest of their lives (Bowers, 81).


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