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18th Century essays differ on many aspects as compared to modern day essays. The styles of writing differ in that 18th century essays are mainly written in ironic humor, as much as the message maybe serious, the way it's presented is in a mock epic style. This has maintained the relevance of the essays all this time and we also can appreciate the same old essays today. 18th Century essays are also light - hearted and are thus quite entertaining and indulging even in today's terms. Relevance of the eighteenth century literature also has contributed to the development of current styles of writing.

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Essay writing was developed that early as an evolvement of the old and mainly used poem style of writing. Eighteenth Century essays mainly concerned one topic in one essay whilst today's essays are quite incorporative and can be as bold as possible and concern a number of different topics. 18th Century essays were quite informal and used conversational approach like in Addison's work when arguing that church services are beneficial to people. The feelings of people and the moods created in the 18th Century essays have lived on to impact on the modern day reader in that the moods were broad and intense and were powerful expressions of literature and have thus risen above the limitation of time, the modern readers can therefore get to empathize with the subjects.

Alexander Pope chose to discuss the issue of humanity rather than tell it in an epic tale since he was touching on a sensitive subject and he wanted to make his point known and appreciated. He deliberately wanted to have his point discussed by people and thus capture the attention of all those that got to read his work. It should be noted that he wrote this poem when Newtonian physics was making progress and it's therefore important to note that that maybe the reason why he chose to include the power of science and the degree of scientific progress that man had achieved so far in his opening lines. He says that man had learnt a lot about nature and God's creation using science but had intoxicated himself by thinking that he can imitate God. Pope was wise enough to change his style of writing in order to capture the attention of the reader and inspire conversational argumentations on the issues that he had raised, knowing too well that they were controversial subjects.


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