Free A Biography of Americas constitution Essay Sample

The world's single superpower America boasts of having one of the best formulated constitutions of the time. This paper looks at American constitution in the wake of changing global environment from social-political issues to economic issues. This paper tries to answer the question as to how has the American constitution been formulated to ensure the federation exists even with different states. How has the American constitution ensured accommodation of various differences in state composition and how has the constitution provided an enabling environment for the growth of the economy.

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The Constitution

The American constitution is formulated to take care of the entire nation. Considering that the country has more than 50 states it was necessary that the constitution provides a room for the formation of by-laws that govern the states. However these by-laws can only work to the extent that they do not contravene the federal laws. The constitution spells out that no state is allowed to have its own army. This is with an intention to ensure the stability of the various states in a way of avoiding cessation. The foreign relations Acts are friendly to investors as they provide for various avenues through which foreigners can work and do business in the US. The provision of dual citizenship is a case in point that has attracted investors from all parts of the world who find it easy doing business in the country.

The Presidential system of governance has provided for a good platform within which the right leaders are chosen hence bringing up the development of the nation. The upper and the lower house are provided for to ensure the executive is checked.

The analysis of the American supreme law and policies constitute the contents of this research paper. The various by-laws of the different states have also contributed to a larger extent to the findings of this paper. The study of the United Nations on the development index has been of great help to this research. This has provided the data that has enabled me to make conclusions that are based on official records hence getting the correct information on the state of the situation on the ground.

From the above analysis it would only be prudent to conclude that the American constitution is one such engine that has propelled the country to where it is. America has benefited so much from the existing constitutional order that provides an enabling environment for social and economic development. The constitutional framework provides for the best leadership structure that ensures proper utilization of national resources.

The peaceful coexistence of its people is attributed to the provision for by-laws by the various states which has indeed accommodated different lifestyles. The provision of control of certain resources and issues which are considered very important has been a success factor to the continued existence of the Nation that boasts of having 50 states.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The American constitution is actually an engine to the success story that is associated with the country. This is due to the framework with which it lies which is development oriented. The supreme law has done this by putting into consideration the social, political and economic factors that define the American society.

The formulation of the constitution is in such a way that it takes care of the different  situations in various states as such we can conclude that it is formulated to suit the American situation. This is a point for other countries to learn that their constitutions must always be in line with the state of things in the countries of concern.


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