Free Analysis of a Web Page Essay Sample

The paper seeks to analyse the (Australian Government Department of Human Services) website, a human services website which is serving people in Australia.


Since internet became a major source of information, the need to have accurate information in the internet increased. The information in the human services website can be said to be accurate for a number of reasons. One of the easiest ways to judge the accuracy of a website is checking the date when the pages were edited. Most web tools allow every webpage to have a timestamp right at the top of the webpage and this can help the visitor to determine if the webpage is current.  In addition, old pages may indicate that the information on the page may be no longer relevant or accurate. With regard to human services, the fact that it is a government website is indicated by its dot gov top level domain name.

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The website derives its authority from the fact that it is an official government website for a government agency. For this reason, the information found on the website is authoritative because there is a systematic way for information to be displayed on the pages of the website. This means that not anyone can post documents on the websites and the person posting the documents must be responsible. The pages are also managed by a single webmaster and this increases the authority of the website as well as the individual webpages.


Objectivity refers to the objectives of the webpage as well as the ability of the author to be objective and not be bias while presenting the information. If the webpage is not objective, then it loses its accuracy as well as authority because it will be representing the person’s perception and not the reality. The document at the human services website can be seen to be objective as the document represents a very general view and the author hardly expresses his or her opinion. Because the document is talking about something that has to do with existing constitution law, it is hard for the author to present his/her own opinions because he or she would have to contradict the constitution.


The currency of a website and its web pages can be determined by the timestamps on every page that indicate when the webpage was published for the first time and when the webpage was updated. The page under review has neither of those but the date and time when the page was published can be derived by right clicking anywhere on the page and then selecting the properties option. Thus, you reveal that the webpage was revised on Monday, February 06, 2012 10:58:24 PM. Moreover, this shows that the page is very current. Up-to-date links on the page can also be used to determine how current the webpage is. The website has many links all of which are live, and there are no dead links on the page.


Coverage refers to how well the website has managed to cover the subject for which it was created. A website with a good coverage will be able to give the visitor all the information about the subject without having to look elsewhere. The website under review can be said to have a good coverage as it provides all the information about the subject. The website covers everything about families and even legal aspects of social work. With many subjects from family tax reliefs to pension laws and everything regarding improving family conditions and living standards, the website has managed to capture all the aspects of the subject.


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