Free Beauty is Nothing without Brains Essay Sample

Beauty without brains is a Mercedes Benz Advert. A blond and charming girl steps into the library and orders for some fries and a hamburger. The purpose of the argument is to emphasize the fact that the comprehensiveness of an issue is very essential. A person cannot be complete when other crucial attributes are missing. The advertisement aims at reminding the public that a Mercedes Benz cannot pass unnoticed. The beautiful girl shouts and attracts the attention of the people in the library. Her beauty represents that of a fashionable and exclusive model, the Mercedes Benz.

The argument is directed to the public who are required to feel the presence of a Mercedes Benz. The argument is uses emotions to bring about the full understanding of the message that is being passed to the audience. The beauty of the blond as well as shouting ensures that the attention is drawn from the public. The presence of model car has to be effusively realized.

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The ethos created during the advertisement is when the blond and charming lady realizes that the within the library, silence has to be maintained. She therefore lowers her voice to suite the environment. Naturally people will always be silent in the library. The creator of the argument appears trustworthy because he ensures that participants acquire the right information.

The evidence of the argument is arranged in a logical manner trough the advert. The charming lady appears and approaches the lady at the counter. What follow are her irrelevant questions, that is, irrelevant according to the prevailing context which confirmed her lack of "brains".

The interests of Mercedes Benz are fully served. The introduction of the cute lady ensures that the attention of the crowd is drawn. The picture of the Mercedes Benz is then prevailed. The company benefits because the sales are bound to increase. The language used together with the style works perfectly to persuade the audience. The lady asks the question loudly and because it was a library and not a hotel, the audience was persuaded to find out what was going on.


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