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Over the past several decades, the use of non-parental day care has increased which shows social and economic changes in the American society. Of concern are the implications of this day care to the young children which has promoted and supported their development. The effect of out-of-home care for these youngsters has been a subject of discussion on their socialization and the negative or positive aspects of such day care to the children. The paper will discuss the implications of the day care for young children and its aspects. The concerns stem from the fact that separating these infants from their mothers at such an earlier age may cause emotional harm and interrupt the bond with the mother.

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Implications of day care for young children

Children's outcomes are influenced by the environment including the family and childcare experiences on their development. The quality of the childcare support environments affects the quality of preschool child care experiences. This is because of the many concerns regarding the attendance of day-care. Questions that arise are whether they have negative or positive effects on the children's development.    

The parents opting for child care should go for high quality settings where children are likely to spend less time watching TV but socializing with adults. Here, children are exposed to activities that stimulate and nurture language as a cognitive development promoting social development. Caregivers should examine the care settings they provide for the children. How they interact with these children, the experiences they offer, the activities they involve them and how they talk to the children and how they correct unkind children has a big impact on how children interact in the future.

Advantages of home daycare

Home daycares provide these children the opportunity to learn and play with other children unlike with nannies. The centers have mixed group of children and adults and may help the child to feel comfortable with older kids. Daycare centers can be the next best thing after a parent's home. , with their homey environments and if the child care is in the same neighborhood they will make the child feel more at home. With licensed and trained staff, children have the advantage of benefitting from trained teachers who are specialized about them.

Disadvantages of daycares

Although an attractive idea of having daycare for children while at work, there are some disadvantages of leaving such infants at daycare centers. They include;

Sickness. The risk of contacting disease is higher at daycare centers as the children are more exposed to germs than usually at home. The diseases they are exposed to range from colds, flu, lice infection to pinkeye. Small staff. This happens if there is a low teacher to student staff which can prove to be very harmful to the child. Infants need to be watched constantly by adults and thus a small staff means less care to the children. Cost. Daycares are usually very expensive as they charge outrageous amount of money. Some charge high fees for late picking of the infants after the designated time. Stress. Worrying about leaving your child with someone else and whether she is okay can stress one out. This is worsened if the daycare centre is not fully trusted. Lastly but not least is missed days. This happens when the daycares are closed for holidays meaning that another alternative has to be sought to care for the child. Also the fact that sick children will not be brought to daycare center.


Child care has now been an ordinary part of life for children especially in the western countries. Infants are placed as much as more than 10 hours in these child care centers and as expected they in a big way mould the behavior of the child. There are different implications for these youngsters while in these daycares. As discussed above, they are associated with both negative and positive aspects and parents are encouraged to look for he best care centers to take there children.


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