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This article analyses and looks into details the main bone of contention and the salient factors that affect the human resource department. In addition, the paper will describe in details the various mechanisms that the mangers can be able to enroll in solving the various problems that they may encounter in normal operation of the entity. More importantly, the paper notes that it is crucial for any problems within a company to be solved once by working together as a team. An organization needs to corporate at all levels so that better human resource policies, in addition, receiving sizeable support from the management staff.

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Jared is the executive in charge of the products division in Compunext Corporation a $2.5 billion entity specializing in electronic components. The department lays a lot of emphasis on the production and manufacturing of devices used in machines and process controls for a number of entities in the manufacturing industry. When Jared joined the firm, his department was among the smallest in the company contributing a fraction of 15% total company sales. The area had been in a decline for three consecutive fiscal years and returns on equity equated at 3-5%.

Jared conducted competition and customer review; this shed light to him together with his team with an opportunity to reduce the division’s products by 50% to be left with only 50% of valuable products. Jared working together with a consultancy firm rearranged the department’s operations and was able to reduce overall costs and increase productivity. New technologies were introduced in the division so as to improve the quality of products. All these possibilities were achieved due to the motivation Jared rendered to his staff. Jared’s efforts paid off; the department increased its profits by more than 50%. Things were smooth in the department until other managers started poaching members of his staff.

The core factors that led to this case include the freedom that is associated with managers in raidi9ng other department’s staff for their own. We are presented with a scenario whereby managers raid the department that Jared is heading, and they take staff from there. Since there is no support from the management, Jared’s is left helpless with nothing much to that he can do but to watch as his well trained and skilled staff leave his department. Similarly, to the lack of support from the administration, the corporate center also seems to care less about the unfolding in the organization. The article refers to this group as the upper management. There is the lack of human resource policies that govern the corporate organization.

The other relevant factor which is truly crucial is managing abilities.  Jared is an excellent manager; knowing this, other mangers have considered his department as the primary raiding ground. The mangers respect the abilities that Jared has in selecting and identifying formidable talents. It is unfortunate that Jared is currently being punished for being such a talented and brilliant manager. The absence of   human resource policies to safe guard him from all the poachers hovering around his department to snatch any talent that appears makes life very rough for him. Jared can be termed to as a good recruiter; however, there are no limits to the number of employees he has lost to other departments, and he believes that transfers are fair. The transfers and poaching is constantly affecting the dynamics of the department and his abilities being frustrated. The human resource managers should realize that if all efforts by Jared will keep on being frustrated, he will one day quit his job.

According to Goold and Campbell, it is shameful that the human resource manager is aware of what is happening in the company, but she has no appropriate solution to it. Jared is a remarkably talented and excellent manager. This is very clear to the other mangers. Jared can recruit talented staff and develop it for the sake of foreseeing operations in his department. As a result, the newly trained and developed staff does not benefit the department since other mangers poach them. This is the reason why the managers are free to pick and choose the crème Del cream of his staff leaving him to pick up the pieces left behind. Jared is expected to deal with the remnants that have been left behind by the other mangers. This is not suitable for his department or any other department’s members in relation to their morale. Jared is exceptional skilful in what he does, and the fact that other managers are stealing his employees is working him up. This may even lead to Jared leaving the company which may be awful hot blow to the corporation.

The serious problem arises in that though the top administrators are aware of what is going on, no appropriate action has been taken. Losing employees to other departments mean that he has to repeat the processes of recruiting, developing and training employees all over again. Policies, which would be, essential in addressing the issues arising in the organization are lacking. The top management and the human resource department are owed with the responsibility of addressing such issues. If not, departments such as the one led by Jared will be depleted off its main and valuable staff. Similarly, they may lose its top officials and managers to competing departments if no appropriate actions are taken. If an entity is in need of its brightest employees and staff, the human resource policies should be addressed with immediate effect.


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