Free Tim Tebow a Role Model Essay Sample

Tim Tebow is my role model. Tim is a former quarter back of the University of Florida football team. He has touched many in the American society. Today sports personalities are involved in scandalous lifestyles marked by gun fights, sex, drug use and crimes leaving the young people with no one to look up to. Tim Tebow according to me displayed professionalism, compassion and leadership throughout his University life.  Tim exhibited his passionate emotion even after loosing games. His speeches were always calm when making post match comments. His team mates described him as a motivator and a team leader who never ever gives up no matter what the situation is.

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According to Person Tebow’s firm believes in Christianity and his steadfastness in preaching the Gospel in and outside the field are qualities that will not go unnoticed. This is noted in various instances with Biblical scriptures inscribed in his eye black during match days. This is usually a platform to show witness and motivation. He is a preacher, and this is shown by the fact that he usually goes on preaching missions to the Philippines during the summer with his family.

He is charitable and this is exhibited in his regular donations to orphanages and establishment of various foundations to cater for the needy in the society. Tebow is one person who stands for what he believes especially on issues like sexuality. He believes that sex is sacred and should only be exercised by those in an institution of marriage. In short Tebow is sincere, religious, warm hearted and genuine.

I have chosen sports man Tebow since I believe in what he stands for. We share opinions especially on issues of sexuality, religion, human respect and leadership. Like Tebow I believe in myself, and I always work to shake off any set backs in terms of confidence.  In deed, Tebow is one person who should be emulated by all young people whether religious or not.


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