Free Eating Animals Response Essay Sample

'Eating Animals' by Safran Foer is an artistic and classy work on a social issue i-e whether to vegetarian or not. The whole workout is based on the knowledge acquired from observation, literature and personal experiences of life. The book is not something about explaining the basic science involved or the theories of the scientists of the past. In fact, it is more likely appears as an autobiography.

For him, raising the livestock for the purpose of eating them at the end is somewhat feels cruel. Though we have devised our own meanings for different terms but the reality is reality. Many people have been found arguing that keeping the animals in farms improves their living as they get better food, better protection, better care and what not? It feels true if we imagine animals grazing all the time under shed when it goes above 50 degree in the sun, regurgitating while sitting without any fear, getting proper nutrients well in time when they really need them; it feels quite supportive watching man worried about saving them against syndromes, but what this all struggle is for? TO KILL THEM FOR THEIR MEAT!

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We can be inclined by certain squabbles like in natural environment, animals lack protection and other species can be a potential source of danger to them like the herbivores feel from the carnivores. However these arguments fail when we explore the balance maintained by the nature in the environment, nature has designed the scheme of the environment in such a way that it never goes wrong.  It's the man but not the nature that creates imbalance in the environment. Nature keeps all the sources in an appropriate order where nothing goes out of symmetry.  Animals never kill other animals for fun or pleasure but the man does, animals never store grains and meat but the man does, animals never kill other animals for to satisfy the lust of their taste but the man does, animals do no kill several other animals to eat one but the man does.

Jonathan Safran states that he himself had been a standby killer whose duty was to slain the chicks survived from and automated slaying machine in a chicks meat factory. After an incessant practice of years, he had become quite familiar with the anatomy of the throats of the chicks as it was his routine duty. By that time, this blood shedding and other acts like this were not a matter to be worried about but when he turned his career into a new direction of farming, the feelings turned turtle. It started looking insane to him to cut the throat of a living being just for the sake of eliminating the hunger or to satisfy the yearn of the tongue. There was a time when man used to be the pupil of the animals; he used to learn almost everything from the animals. He learnt that in the beginning, man used to draw the pictures of the animals on the rocks, soil and tree for the purpose of communication. But now being involved into a work like that causes feeling some disgusting sensations.

His purpose of narration is neither to support the vegetarians, nor to condemn the non-vegetarians. What actually he wants to bring forth is that we don't have sincerity in our feeling, our relation and ourselves. We buy young animals, feed them to grow, look after them, and treat them like the members of our family but for what? Out feelings and our relations clearly depict materialism. We don't hesitate to agree with the killing of an animal that had been living with us for quite a long time. We play a double cross game with the animals that don't even have enough sense to understand the purpose of their creation. How can one even imagine betraying such fellows?


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