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Also, in the book The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society portrays a character who meets himself in the middle of Boston. This is shown how he despises the people of being illiterate and with less knowledge of reading the menu. Furthermore he describes the illiterates the negligence of not understanding how to read their children notes and the fact that they are afraid of visiting the classrooms. Materialism with the American people lends the people not even understand whether the medicine are past the years of consumption.

In addition, we are shown how illiterates have an inability of reading the admonitions of the cigarettes packs and also they do not have access to the supermarkets since they have been exploited and further dismissed from acquiring the services since they are regarded as useless people in the society. We are also shown how the illiterates have a difficult way of reading the instructions from the packs from the frozen food. However, in the book a woman is portrayed on how as she once went to a Detroit shop and bought a gallon of Crisco thinking that she had bought chicken for his children. This aspect shows that the people are not well trained and that those who have the knowledge and money benefit more and has good education.

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The illiteracy is shown where we find a woman who says "You don't choose,". "You take your wishes from somebody else." She talks of how hardship has posed the people in that the American should trust everyone who comes by. On the other way we find a girl who speaks that, "I come out of school. I was sixteen. They had their meetings. The directors meet. They said that I was wasting their school paper. I was wasting pencils..."This is the way people are being treated by those in the authority and they do not have time for the illiterate thus they are just interested with the money.

In the book The Great Gatsby, we find a young child who is being taught by the grandmother about criticism whereby the son is told not to criticize people since they are not as lucky as he has been brought about by the family. The son on the other hand once we see that he boasts off the way of tolerance and he says that he comes from an admission that has no limits and when asked he says that conducts usually comes from the hard rock and that he never cares of what it is formed of either. He wishes that the world could be uniform this is an aspect of materialism in that the young person wishes that if it was possible they should be controlling the world. The son on the other hand boast of having education since he studied at a university and because of this that he says he comes from a family that has been well for three generations and money is never a problem to them at all.

In the book The Catbird Seat we see Mr. Martins a wealthy man who is never moved by any person to murder.  He dismisses all this crap with an effort. In addition, once Mrs. Burrow's friend calls him a woman because of his tolerance version. In this context we see Mrs. Burrows who rescues Mr. Fitweile in a certain party where she rescues him from a drunken powerful drunken and build man who certainly mistakes the president of the football club with him. This shows that only the wealthy people have the right to move around together.


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