Free The Early Ayn Rand Revised Edition Essay Sample

Ayn Rand, a novelist, has written so many novels and plays. In addition to that, she was a philosopher. In her story ‘The Night King’, she narrates how she tried to steal a black diamond from her boss who was very wealthy; Winton Stokes. ‘Her Second Career’ is also her other story of a very wealthy lady who failed in her career as an actress due to her arrogance. The main aim of this essay is to compare the two stories.

In two of her stories; ‘The Night King’ and ‘Her Second Career’, she talks of a millionaire who owns so much while most of the other people are very poor. To start with; ‘The Night King’ is a story of a millionaire known as Winton Stokes and the writer, Ayn Rand, who tried to steal the black diamond from him. Winton owned a black diamond which was very famous all over the world. People who owned the black diamond gained a lot of recognition and they were envied by everyone.  ‘Her Second Career’ story has got a millionaire, also, known as Claire Nash who is so arrogant and rude because of her wealth. She is also a movie producer and an actress. Therefore, the two stories are based on a certain millionaire and how he or she relates with people where he lives.  

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The two stories portray how some wealthy people discriminated the poor as well as disrespected them. For instance, in ‘The Night king’ story, Winton thought that it was too polite to smile at other people since he did not want anything from them, “….his smile was the worst of all. He always had it when he looked at people—just two little wrinkles in the corners of his mouth, which seemed to say you, were terribly funny….”. The same case applies to the story ‘Her Second Career’, whereby, Claire felt that she did not have any right to respect or feel sorry after insulting any man because of her status, “Why should she feel such anger at the insult of any single man?”.

Moreover, the two stories portray how certain people from humble backgrounds struggled hard to achieve their dreams. For instance, in the story ‘The Night King’, Ayn Rand wrote about himself and Winton; the millionaire. He admitted that the reason why he had accepted the employment from Winton was because, he wanted to pursue and eventually get the black diamond, “…you see, I was after the most precious thing and against the most dangerous man in New York’’. This man meant what he said because he took the risk of stealing the precious metal from his boss, although, he did not succeed. In the story ‘Her Second Career’, a lady known as Heddy Leland was very determined to become an actress after she was thrown out of Claire’s group. She begged for the job despite the insults she got from Claire. The crowd felt pity for her especially when Claire told her that, “Haven’t you understood that I do not want you back on my set?”. Surprisingly, the girl succeeded and eventually became an actress in another set which made her to become a super star.

In conclusion, Ayn Rand shows clearly what happens in real life and has portrayed so many themes in the two stories. To start with, there is the theme of determination in his two stories. Secondly; in ‘The Night King’ story, the theme of revenge comes out very well. Discrimination is well portrayed in the story ‘Her Second Career’. Basically, the two stories mean that as long as one is interested and determined in doing something, he or she can succeed. Success requires a lot of effort and hard work.


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