Free Importance of Chemistry in Life Essay Sample

All aspects that involve life and livelihood of human beings are influenced by chemistry. In the layman’s language chemistry is the science of matter. This is so because all matter is composed of properties, structures and can be measured. In this study we are going to focus on how this subject influences society, how it influences accuracy and precision in measurement of various things as well as a look at the comparison and contrasting of the types of measurement in life.

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Chemistry as a branch of science deals with matter and quantities of various substances. This is the subject that explains the composition of thing that exists in life. Because of this, chemical scientists came up with formulas to help quantify anything and everything that is used by human beings. Shortly we are going to analyze at least three of these measurement units and what is their impact on the life of human beings and nature as well. The importance of this subject is wide and is widely applied in various aspects of life.  Various examples can be put across on the applications which are the impact on industry and mechanical usage, technology as well as the biological and physiological changes that human beings undergo.

In the industry or the manufacturing sectors of the economy this science is utilized in analyzing and creating of necessary reactions and procedures of production of substances. These actions help in the creation of products that can be used by consumers more easily. These products range from foodstuffs, medicine to pesticides and other chemicals that are readily utilized by people. Chemistry as a science examines various properties that can be mixed in given qualities and quantities that create usable products by humans.

In terms of technology, this branch of science has been used to advance the electronics, automobiles as well as aerospace sectors of the world economy. This is possible because the scientists have used their knowledge and fused it by various principles of physics to create new and interesting products that are aimed at improving the livelihood of people. Electronics such as cell phones, digital televisions and hi-fi systems have been greatly benefited from the knowledge of chemistry. This is through the fact the science deals with various components of matter that can be made to react and change into various forms that can be made more productive.

As a matter of fact in history of studying chemistry various arguments have been put forward regarding accuracy and precision in trying to effectively measure things. Accuracy being the closeness that a various measurement is near to the actual or truthful measurement has been a subject of debates when trying to quantify   products. This made people invent various criteria such as kilograms to measure mass, Kelvin to measure temperature and mole to measure the amount of substance. Precision on the other hand is the aspect of how closely repeated measures are grouped. Although these terms are used in manners that can be confused they are different. The only difference is that high precision is an indication of good accuracy. In conclusion, the subject of chemistry deals with the analysis of various components of substances. The aspect of measurement takes into consideration the aspects of precision and accuracy.

In conclusion, Chemistry as a branch of science that deals with matter and quantities of various substances. It explains the composition of thing that exists in life. It has various important aspects that range from technological, industrial and even physiological aspects. In matters of measurements and quantifying various aspects of matter, the chemical scientists have come up with various measurements criteria that help them measure mass, volume, temperature and so on while considering accuracy and precision. Ultimately, high precision is an indication of good accuracy.


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