Free Successful Students Essay Sample

Successful students are made more by mental attitudes than by mental capacities. They know the power of being optimistic in life and have a positive thinking towards their teachers, fellow students and their subjects. They never allow any negative thoughts to take control of them because they know success is determined by what they feed their minds.  To them, a war is first worn in the mind.

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Setting goals and prioritizing on their studies, is also one of the most important factors which help keep these students on target and focused. They have targets to beat and set goals that are SMART; that’s a goal which is Specific, Manageable, and Achievable, Realistic and Timely (achievable within the set time). To them, a set target and deadline is what keeps them ticking.

For goals to be achieved, these achievers also acknowledge the power of “Time.” Being a non-renewable resource, each one of them is guided by a timetable which includes subject of study, time, day and question and place of study. This is important because it prevents time wasting through; idling, noise making, doing business in school, quarreling and sleeping.

Once the student has set goals and has a clear outlined time-table, the next essential necessity is having good notes and good study methods. To take good notes by paying a lot of attention to what is taught; asking and answering questions, and make sure they have understood the days’ study. On the other hand, these achievers have a reputable study formula; they know what to study, time of study and a question in mind which must be answered at the end of each topic of study.  

Therefore what make these students top is a combination of positive behaviors which go hand in hand with their studies such as; ability to take charge and responsibility in their own studies, do all their home-works, report to class on time, they pay attention when the teacher is explaining something new to them and engage in group discussions beside doing their own personal studies. As a matter of fact, they are pace-setters and always tend to study ahead of the teacher. 


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