Free The Effects of College in One’s Life Essay Sample

Joining college is a lifetime opportunity that presents one with a unique platform to learn from encounters enshrined in this life though out the years. Lifelong choices, commitments, friendships and even mistakes are made in the process, some of whose impacts (whether positive or negative) are felt though out life. These impacts can be largely categorized into three; social, political and economic some of which herein discussed.

The greatest impacts in one’s life at the college level are more pronounced when it comes to the social life. Given that the greater part of this life coincides with the adolescent phase of development in life, many teenagers are known to try out many things; of which alcohol intake is one. Despite the age limit as to who may consume alcohol, many young people consume alcohol.

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This drinking behavior is seen in a progression from use, to abuse and eventual dependence owing to a variety of biological and psychological factors. These young people become susceptible to automobile accidents, violence, arrest, and even death as a result of accidents. The unfortunate bit is that these students fail to realize the long-term effects of alcohol ranging from diagnosis of anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, conduct disorder and ultimately damage of organs such as the brain, liver and the heart.

Excessive ingestion of alcohol is synonymous with drunken-driving that culminates in fatal crashes. Risky sexual behavior and increased vulnerability to coercive sex are also further outcomes. It is reported that alcohol misuse is associated with unprotected sex before the age of sixteen. Most teenagers are likely to have sexual intercourse after drinking and such are less likely to use condoms. Individuals who abuse alcohol are known to have a challenge during transition from adolescent to young adulthood.

Use of other drugs such as Marijuana and the use of tobacco also have their roots in college years. Marijuana for example is only topped by alcohol and it is argued that at least 49.1% of college students have used the drug. Users are often known to have anxiety disorders and panic. Most individuals who start smoking in college take the habit to adulthood as per the documented evidence that at least 85% of adult smokers began smoking by the age of 21. It therefore goes without mentioning that most smoking habits have their genesis in college life. Smoking is known to cause approximately 440,000 deaths each year. The victims who eventually succumb experience deterioration in the quality of life as they advance in years.

Unplanned pregnancies are yet another phenomenon common phenomenon in college life. Adolescence is a phase of development that is characterized by increased sexual activity. These encounters result from adventure for those who had never tried it in life and peer pressure in order to belong. 61% of these students drop out of college before completing a degree. Some of these pregnancies culminate in abortion for the young women to continue with their education. On average, 48% of community college students have either been pregnant or impregnated someone.

College life also has a tremendous effect on ones religion. Education more often than not is known to serve as a deadly poison to people’s faith. The constant and consistent reasoning from education induces skepticism and eventually penetrates into the inmost being of someone and corrodes any ideals. This phenomenon has been observed by devout parents and clergymen who have deplored it. College years present mental readjustments and only the ability to reconcile religion with intelligence guarantees survival. Fundamental questions underlie the intellectual reorientation that by all means becomes part and parcel of college curriculum. It is therefore clear that a social life centered on church activities and Christian virtues can easily be changed as a result. It is also important to note that those who manage to uphold their religious virtues through college life have a higher probability of carrying them to their adult life.

It is also without a doubt that it is in college life that many individuals start engaging the polity. By that time, most people are well conversant with their rights owing to education. The available leadership opportunities in student governments put these individuals on the forefront as they agitate for change. It is characteristic of college students to always be on the forefront of every manner of politics, political activism among other political processes.

The opportunity to be involved and make a difference and at the same time manage academics on the side provides them with great experience. This experience from student government is further translated to city council and eventually presidential elections. Through this, it is clear that college politics has favored the development of many political careers, better exemplified in the college days of Barrack Obama as a student as Occidental College.

College life is also characterized by heavy spending. Quite a number of students graduating from college have had to sell some of their possessions to make ends meet. With this, they fail to plan about starting families, buying houses and ultimately coming up with long-term retirement plans. This is worsened by the rise in college fees that sees some exit with debts. It is only a few who manage to leave without debts that are able to maintain better and stable financial positions for years afterwards. It is therefore conclusive to say that poor spending habits as well as poor saving habits end up having long-term effect on the future life.

College life without a shadow of doubt accounts for a greater percentage of who an individual eventually turns out to be. Many habits and behaviors that are learnt during this period are carried through into adult life. Of paramount importance is to note that it all boils down to the individual to determine the course of they’d want to lead. Some make it and even find spouses from among their schoolmates while others fail to make any reasonable progress. It therefore calls for wisdom in decision making since life is all but a matter of choices.


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