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A high number of students choose to join college right after high school. However, a sizeable number are enticed to take a year off to undertake individual interests or have a break hence interrupting their studies by one year. However, does taking a gap year off before joining college influence the chances of getting back to college? Here, is a sober examination of the pros and cons of high school students having a year gap before they enter college.

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Gap Year: what is it?

A number of students do graduate from college with a prodigious student debt, but to some who do not need such debt, a gap year between high school and college is an opportunity for them to earn money and save it towards payment of their college tuition fee. The students opt to go direct to work after graduating from high school, and since they live in their homes, they can save as much as possible. One year is a long period and one can realize the goal through hard work and determination.

For those students who graduated from highschool with a low test scores and GPA, a year off from school can be utilized well so that the chances of getting admission to a college is improved. Practically, it is next to the impossibility to secure a chance to a college that they had in the past said "no." However, admissions panel, just like any other person, are keen on a good story, and they will go for an applicant with such bold and noticeable steps geared towards improving performance.

The one-year break from school should be utilized well through the accomplishment of extra ordinary tasks such as volunteering for a good reason, starting a business or carrying out a research project based on a specific subject. All these should entail the same description of the story to be told to the admissions officers and the course to be pursued in college, if given a chance.

It is practical that young adults and teens mature at different rates. A good number of students are eager to join college, but others realize that they will feel besieged and experience homesick quickly. The year off would allow the student to develop some aspects of independence, reflect on the skills he/she requires and practice on staying alone even in the comfort of family members and friends. The knowledge and skills that are gained during the gap year is lifelong. For instance, if an individual is engaged in the routine activities at home such as paying rent, balancing the checkbook and buying groceries, the individual will be acquitted with financial skills and fundamental survival skills that are necessary for a better life in the future. The year break gives the students with a good time of making an informed choice concerning the career option he or she is planning to pursue with passion.

A good number of students are actually bored and burned out with school life at the end of high school. Having a break for them are a sign of relief and a better begging when they join college. However, students should be committed of going back to school after the break and improving on their college grades. The break will give the student with the opportunity to move out of academics and focus on other things.

The cons also do exist. Different stakeholders such as parents and educational advisors have worry concerning students who make a choice of taking a break after high school. There worry is grounded on the fact that most of the students attach themselves with other responsibilities during the break. The responsibilities may be so demanding and require many commitments. These will hold up the students hence incapable of going back to school.

Even, though, taking a year break after high school would result in a better college application, there is a clear truth that it will create a gap or distance an individual from academics. The activities that are done during the break might be far away related to academics or career hence lowering the student chances of getting admission in to any college. The only time, which the break, can boost college application is when the activities done during the break were worthwhile.

In addition, the year break will, for instance, when a student chooses to be employed, come with adult responsibilities. The responsibilities are undertaken at an early age which may necessitate an early enjoyment of his/her golden years. The student will not have enough life experience to face the challenges of the adulthood. This may frustrate the individual and in the long run there was an opportunity for waiting until the right time occurs in the schooling process. The one year off may lead to the adoption of certain behaviors which are detrimental to the students health. This is because the teen has got money to spend in parties and they are anxious of tasting life compliments such as alcohol and smoking. The later years of school may be affected by such activities hence resulting in poor college grades and an unhealthy life thereafter.

Having a gap year between high school and college studies can be of importance to a number of students and a decision that requires a thoughtful thinking. However, it is not a sure strategy for every student. It is, therefore, essential to have in mind, that, the time taken for a break should be utilized for a worthy course to create a picture that is of please the admissions officers. When the officers are satisfied with the story, an individual will obtain an admission. The student should select those plans that automatically align them with their goals, passionate and have them focused in their studies. Activities that involve adult responsibilities should be avoided since they slim the chances of going back to college. The break can be of importance if the right plans are done and it can be productive and useful towards an individual admission to a prominent and prestigious college.


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