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Giving ones life for the good of family, community or state is a rare occurrence. For one to sacrifice themselves for the good of the larger group a lot of conviction and lack of self interest must be involved. Like Charles Darwin made a revelation on the perception of a fundamental problem of social life and its potential solution in the focus to the will to give everything for the general good of the society or community we live in yet this commonly happens in the insect's colony.

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Human beings are naturally selfish. This might be the reason why I might not be willing to give up anything for my family, community or state. Darwin argues out that unlike human, insects help towards the growth of their genes in the bodies of others (kin selection). Such an act can legitimately be regarded as "for the good of the group" whenever they evolve. This may not be possible in human society as many people don't have the will to take sacrifices for the good of the society. In this way I can conclude that man can not be entirely selfless.

In my experience people who try to save the world, usually do it to console themselves of their own problems.  It's usually avoidance behavior so they don't have to deal with their own issues. Such individuals run around looking for drama, so they don't have time to think of their own drama. To the casual observer they may look like altruistic saints.  But for those who know them better can recognize their judgmental, insecure, drama-magnets they really are.  At their core level, they're desperately looking for acceptance.  Such individuals think if they rescue others, it will somehow give them the self-esteem they're missing.

In drawing a line in this dilemma, I can say people give up everything for other when there is limited option and the people involved have close connection with them. For instance, a bond of love is always very hard to break. A man can give up everything for the sake of his family, especially children. This is much different from that of individual who claim to give up everything for the sake of the state. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa have had an acclamation of ultimate altruism but in reality all these fellow had something to gain in the struggle.

For instance they earned a lot of fame in exchange and to got a great reward of being presidents and leader. For example most African leaders like Kwame Nkuruma of Ghana and Muarmar Gaddafi of Libya, became nation leaders after struggles for independence. They would have rejected the offer of leadership is there effort was selfless.  The only way one can give up anything is when; those involved are closely related to them. This though is not automatic, it rarely happens. Not every parent can take a sacrifice for their children.

However there are a few exemptions when I may be willing to sacrifice myself for the good of others. This can be if the situation in hand is very dangerous to the society and personally I don't stand to gain anything whether it happens or not. For instance If I am sick of an incurable disease, I may volunteer to risk my life to save many other lives.  I may definitely die in the process but I will rather die a hero than die bed ridden.In this manner which is what many people might do, it is very clear thatrelinquishing oneself happiness for the sake of others can be possible at some points.

Another scenario when I might give up everything for the sake of the community or society is when or if my sacrifice will form the foundation of value system. Many people around the world prefer to make sacrifices in life by their own means to set their own standards, and experience some sought of enjoyment. To me this might be moral because anything that is harmful to the individual is not always detrimental to society as a whole as many claim.


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