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  • Confide in a friend
    • A friend should be a treasure in the world over. Even if many people look and treasure other things like the wealth, including money, vehicles, yet some other people value more even machines like computers claiming that human friends betray, and that the human betrayal is usually very painful and that is the basis of putting their trust and love in such things listed above.
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  • However a human friend can never be compared to any of such things. Because such things do not have brain to serve one in every situation like a human friend would do always
  • It could be true that humans disappoint, betray, and can even ring or impose physical injury in some cases. But still I do not want to fully agree that it is all the responsibility of the friend.
  • It is proper that we as humans examine ourselves before concluding that the cause of our misery, disappointment and frustration is as a result of others.
  • There are many cases when we are to blame for what some other people call betrayal or disappointment, but instead keep pointing fingers to other people rather than asking ourselves what is our take in the situation
  • There are many people who fail to accept other people but as for them, they want to be accepted.  That also in its own is wrong. As one wants to be accepted, one needs to accept others. As we want other people to be friendly to us, we also have to be friendly to them.
  • Failure to acknowledge all the above facts would result into emotionally induced illnesses which are commonly mistaken as real serious diseases, like, cancer, fevers, ulcers, hemorrhages, and so many terrible human diseases.
  • However the simple cure to such could only be to get someone to accept, and confide in them and one would see all that he had called serious illnesses would disappear in a blink of an eye.

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