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For many years, majority of cultures all around the world have acknowledged marriage as a union among women and men. Same sex marriages (gay marriages) have occurred in private for years. Gay marriage is a union between two women or two men through allowing them to have precise similar set of legal rights just like heterosexual spouses.

Marriage in several cultures has legendary origins, though often it is for practical purposes. Some of the reasons were that kids had two regular parents to care for them, and that families create strong bonds. This would be done to decrease jealousy and fighting caused by men competing to attain women. As society progressed and civilization created, the reason of marriage altered mainly to foster friendships and alliances among different families, and marriage quite to become about reproducing, but about tactic. Till around the sixteenth century marriage was regularly formed by common agreement, but it later becomes a legal matter. Over time, reasons for marriage have grown again in several societies. There are other inspirations to marry such as power and wealth, but the main purpose people get married now is for sexual attraction or love.

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Gay marriages are increasingly gaining approval in some countries, while others strongly reject them. Some states are in the opinion of a new type of commitment known as ‘civil union’, which essentially is a marriage with no use of the word ‘marriage’.

Most religions consider gay marriage to be a sin. Practically all world`s religions consider gay marriages unacceptable and it is often regarded as sinful.  

Basically, all Christian leaders and groups portray gay marriages as a hazard to the society.  They frequently consider the nature of this threat to be clear, and do not give a full analysis of the purposes for their concerns.  There is no passage in the Bible that talk of the same sex marriage. Gay marriage is condemned in the scripture, and it is an unlawful lust forbidden by God.  

Within the Islamic religion, it is considered a sin to be a gay and whoever who is found in such an act should face harsh treatment as it is perfectly justified. In Islamic Shari’a law, the gay views are extracted both from the hadith and Quran hence they are viewed as the laws of God. Homosexuality under Islamic law is a crime punishable against God and also a sin. It differs on how it is dealt with among the 4 mainline schools of jurisprudence of Sunni today in regard with homosexuality. What all agree on is that severe penalty on homosexuality is worthy. In some schools of thought, the gay person isfirst punished with harsh beatings, and if he does the act again, death penalty is to be used.

In Shafi’, school of thought, the gay person gets the same punishment as that of adultery or fornication meaning the homosexual would be stoned to death, if married and 100 lashes, if someone is single. Therefore, the Shafi’i terms the punishment given in the case of gayness with that of fornication and adultery. Based on various hadith and the Quran, some scholars hold the belief that the gay person should be thrown from a tall building or stoned to death as punishment for their sinful “crime”, but other scholars say they should be jailed until death. Homosexuality is not usual, the same as polyester, birth control and eyeglasses. In most cases, gay marriage persuades people to be gay same as having to walk with or hang around tall people would make one tall.

Gay marriages weaken the meaning and respect for the foundation of marriage. The 50% divorce pace has by now weakened the definition of marriage. A law accepting gay marriage would add to the number of non-serious marriages and joke marriages same as a group of friends who want to hoard on taxes. Marriage is the most prestigious institution in most countries and everyone considers it a union between a man and a woman. It all makes natural sense seeing as only a woman and a man can pro-create. For millennia, marriage has been an organization that upholds and forms a society, the social values and cultural signs related to procreation. It sets up the value that governs the spread of the human life to the next age bracket and caring of that life in the family and normal society unit. Through unions of marriage the society scripts out the bond of two people who will jointly pass on the human life to the next age bracket and protect and nurture that life.

Having gay marriages legalized could create a slippery slope in the sense that things like having to marry an animal could follow. Gay rights activists argue that these marriages could be  accepted, because they do not harm anyone, but could initiate a chain effect that destroys the entire idea of marriage. Unless we build up some firm descriptions of what a marriage is, the options are never-ending. They could be things like having to marry their blow-up toy, have ten wives, or even marrying his dog. If these options seem bizarre, remember that it only takes few activist judges to exercise the statute to unlock the door. It does not matter, if ninety-five percent of the people are not in support of the rule.

Homosexuals are not barred from marriage, but their close pair-bonding relationships are. Those advocating for same sex marriage also argue that prohibiting such marriages is the same act of prejudice as barring interracial marriage, which has truly been viewed as a serious violation of the human rights. Though it is portrayed as such, that is not true, because marriages between different ethnic groups with a man and a woman do represent the procreative bond. In contrast, not widening the definition of matrimony to include homosexual couples is not found on the sexual orientation of the cohorts, but the lack of a facet of their relationship, which is an essential feature of marriage.

The dual reproductive incapacity of gay couple must not be addressed by reproductive technologies. It is clear that a kid has a right not to be produced from the genetic patrimony of two women or two men, or by cloning, or from several genetic parents. Thus, gay marriages should not be included within a foundation that symbolizes a naturally procreative relationship. Such marriages would further deteriorate the traditional family ethics essential to the people. What make it strong are the building blocks of the people and conventional family of a woman, a man and children. Consequently this is what involved the world into the WWII, a great depression, terrorist attacks and several other challenges over the years. While lovers and friends come and go, your folks are always there. Cultural disintegration is a core reason of waning of families. Introducing another type of “family” would only worsen the situation.

Same sex marriages also confuse children about expectations and gender roles of people, since only a woman and a man produce off-springs. Kids learn about these things from their early age.. It is hard to teach the traditions and values of families, when such perplexity is thrust upon them. Only a woman and a man can pro-create; and for centuries, a man and woman headed a family have carried generations of society through life.

Gay way of life should not be encouraged, since a lot of the study shows it guides to lower life expectancy, mental disorders and other tribulations. The study states that gay life expectancy is normally less than the overall population by 20 years. It is seen the same as a lifestyle of drinking and smoking meaning detrimental lifestyle should be discouraged.

In conclusion, humanity requires marriage to create cultural sense, symbolism and ethical principles around the naturally procreative bond involving a woman and a man, and thus safeguard that bond and the kids who result from it. That is more essential than in history, when choices to sexual reproduction were not obtainable. Redefining marriage to consist of same-sex couples would have an effect on cultural meaning and function. Marriage will be damaged, thus society capacity to defend the naturally procreative relationship and children, whether those kid’s future sexual direction proves to be heterosexual or homosexual.

As seen, indications show that it is precise to upkeep usual marriage and oppose Gay Marriages. For the sake of children and country, what is right should be done. Unless something is done to stop Gay Marriages, we will soon be approving same sex marriage and demeaning normal marriage in the process.

Reproduction is the basic happening on which, eventually, the future of a person’s life depends. That is the main motive why marriage is significant to the society. In these highly distinctive societies, people tend to look only at its meaning to individuals. That is essential, but not adequate in making a decision on the future of marriage.


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