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Student attendance and participation is one factor that contributes to the success of a student`s performance in school. Failure to attend classroom and other school activities also has its own consequences. This paper explores ways in which school practitioners including teachers can use to improve student attendance and participation in school activities.

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Most teachers spent most of heir time preparing for what to teach to the student audience and forget to cultivate the presence of that audience in class. Class attendance encourages teaching and learning in a number of ways. The auditory teaching in the classroom supplements the assignments given to the students when they tackle them. Students who attend classes participate and listen to discussions and explanation of important ideas and concepts that may seem difficult when students handle them as individuals.

These elaborations carry the teachers` viewpoint about the issue at hand. It is in class that teachers bring out current and useful information about topics that may not be found in text books. Here are multimedia classroom presentations that provide a supplement to other reading materials in class.  When attending classes students get to hear questions and explanations from others and share there own viewpoints allowing for clarifications and better understanding of concepts.

The above among many other more factors show the importance of student attendance to classroom activities. Thus this means that students who don’t attend classes should be helped to do so. There are certain strategies that may be used to help improve student attendance in class.

The first strategy is to ensure that those who attend classes benefit in a way that those who don’t attend. This could be in the form of informative entertainment, exam grades and personal growth.

The teacher is supposed to test on materials that were covered in class including discussions and guest speakers. The teacher should repeating textbook and other readings that students have a ready access to them. One should understand that being entertaining and informative is not exclusive and that usage of good performance skills benefits students more. Classroom activities should be structured to allow students participate in a variety of activities.

The second strategy is use policies. Class attendance policies should be explained clearly to convey a respectful communication between faculty and students. Policies should be conveyed in written and oral ways. The policy should express relationship between attendance and grades. This will make students be more serious with attendance because they will know some part of their mark will be awarded by looking at their attendance. Class attendance should be graded. This makes students conscious of their attendance in class. This may help bring back students who are concerned with their grades. Policies which give clear consequences of missing classes, late assignment and missing exams can help improve student attendance.

Teachers are supposed to make classroom atmosphere conducive and interesting for learners. Classrooms should not be too hot or too cold for students to learn in. respect among students should be highly encouraged. A threatening and tense atmosphere should not be let to exist in the classroom. Students should be encouraged to be open about their problems in the class.

Teachers are supposed to pay attention to each student as an individual. Attention should not just be given to the bright or poor students. Beside this, teachers are supposed to be cautious not to use abuse language when talking to students especially the academically or socially poor ones. Instead the teacher should be close to them and help them improve on their status.


Teachers are supposed to encourage students to attend classes. Where policies and regulations cannot work, teachers should use other means for instance communicating to students on one to one basis. Teachers should understand their students and be able to provide for their classroom needs as well as staying focused on delivery of relevant materials in class.


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