Free Internet, a Blessing or a Curse Essay Sample


The internet has enabled faster access of information worldwide. It is the cheapest means to accessing any information. The internet is defined as a tool that can link up all the people in the world who have interconnected computers. We depend on the internet nowadays so much, with its convenience but again it can act as a weapon against us. Therefore the question to ask is: is the internet a blessing or a curse?

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As students, we depend on the internet so much to do our assignments. It is faster and saves a lot of time. It has tones and tones of information as compared to our library. Surfing the internet is considered cheaper ways of accessing information than flipping through books or newspapers. Today's youth find it so easy to Google for anything on the internet. The question that lingers among many is whether it is safer to browse through the internet. Is the internet safer for people to use? Is it a blessing or a nuisance that will has contributed to retarding the youths? It is no good either to say that the internet is a curse or harmful. The internet is playing the role of relaying information across the world and helping billions of people all over to stay connected and share information.

The internet has helped several people who have connection to it to have friends all over the world. People are able to socialize, without necessarily going out, just by a click and connect with people we want. This essay will examine whether the discovery of the internet is a curser or a blessing.

Social networking sites have greatly been a boon to internet users. These sites like facebook, twitter and MySpace have enabled people to connect all over the world. These sites have helped in creating and establish social contacts. But the question is: how far can these social sites go to be safe and secure for their users. Do they provide enough security to the people to the users or are the users disclosing their personal information to strangers. The reasons why the internet remains a big hit among young people is also another question that is pondered. Like during Valentines Day, there were many blind dates planned by a number of the social sites users. Most of these were young people, although a few adults are into these social sites.

Internet has brought us many advantages; we depend on it so much nowadays. In fact we have not only been obsessed with it but addicted to it that we cannot do without it. This is a network that can link millions of people all over the world. Students use the internet for their assignments and can access any information online 

These days, the youth who have been addicted to the internet need to be given proper guidance and counseling. Before committing themselves or entering into any social site dating or any kind of relationship, the youth need to bear the following points in mind:

  • Never to reveal their password.
  • Ignore or report spasm that they receive.
  • Set security settings properly as per the social site.
  • Never should they exchange personal details to strangers especially address, phone numbers and bank details.


Internet is a useful tool that if used correctly, has several advantages to its users. Students use the internet for their assignments and can access any information online. It is a news media and can be used by those who know to earn money online. Social networking sites have been poplar among the youth but with guidance and counseling, they can be of benefit.


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