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Light is a source of visibility in this case light plays a pivotal; role in human perception, creativity just to name a few. This is because seeing believing. Light and lighting systems are therefore core to my thesis. Since underground there is no light, improved lighting system is inevitable. My thesis has put a well designed lighting system with is geared towards improving visibility and safety of human life


Without air human being cannot survive. This is because air is important for the entire functioning of human body. Towards this provision of clean, adequate air is at the heart of my architectural design of my thesis. Air on the ground is polluted and is unsafe to human life; this has precipitated the need for an alternative clean and safe air for human life which is provided by underground development which my thesis addresses adequately.

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Seoul city has a rich illustrious historical background which dates back to BC 18.Seoul was originally discovered during the Paleolithic age in the lower basin of river Han. The historical sites in the city such Amsa-dong, Gangdong depicts that life was present in Seoul as early as 7000 years ago. This makes the city one of the oldest and a great source of attraction to tourist around the world. Majority of Seoul city population are majorly Korean with deep Koreans cultural background. However, the city is enjoys a metropolitan status since it harbors everyone from across the world.  Today it is difficult to imagine how the Seoul city is being restored from the ruins of the Korean War. Following the war, Seoul became the focus of an immense reconstruction and modernization effort. Rapid economic growth achieved during the industrialization of the 1960s and 1970s raised living standards of residents considerably. High-rise office buildings and apart­ments began sprouting throughout the city during the construction boom of the 1980s. Pollution and traffic jams became major issues as urbanization in the country accelerated and more and more people began moving to Seoul and its surrounding areas. Today, the population of the Seoul area comprises 24% of the total population of South Korea. Seoul city is politically stable and enjoys the rule of democracy an element which has set it far part from many Asian countries. Towards this, the city has positioned itself strategically for development and economic growth.


Seoul Plaza is a significant architectural master piece in Seoul city. This great building is located in front of Seoul City Hall at Taepy­eongno, Jung-gu in Seoul, South Korea. Prior to its reopened in May 1, 2004, Seoul Plaza was closed to public access for renovation purposes, after the renovation; it was reopened by Seoul Metropolitan Government with the purpose of providing the public an open space. The site was originally traffic square with a 40-year-old fountain that was demolished and the nearby space was renovated. Seoul Plaza is elliptical in shape, covering a 3,995 pyeong in total and a 1,904 pyeong for grass area. Instead of the fountain, an underground water tank is installed along with 48 lighting around the grass square.  This site is quiet significant to my thesis since it lies on the target site area for underground development. Seoul Plaza with its rich heritage and historical background coupled with good communication networks, transport networks gives the place a great aesthetic appeal not only to Korean people but also to visitors and tourist in S. Korea.


Elevator is like a black box. Once you enter an elevator, you push a desig­nated floor button, and you depend on the floor number displayed on the panel. In other words, you can only tell which floor you are at by looking at the number. This elevator’s notion of disengagement from the surrounding environment is similar to that of underground space. The concept of elevator is deep in human life and behavior since life is like an elevator, it goes up and down. It is upon this argument that man should embrace all side of life up and down which means above the ground and underground. This will not only solve human problem but also appreciate new ways of life. I look forward to inves­tigate a new opportunity with this gadget in underground to improve human life and economic growth of Seoul city as well as that of S. Korea at large.


As a city grows and its populations increases, the capacity of the utility sys­tems also be increased. This is basically achieved by increasing the num­ber or size of the underground pipes and cables. But also as the size and population of a city grow, the need for additional system - fast and efficient means of transportation is inevitable. The congestion of vehicles and people, along with the often haphazard layout for the streets on the surface, has virtually forced this additional system in underground. Today, without this system, cities cannot be explained and operated. It is these challenges that coupled with technological development that has prompted a paradigm shift towards subterranean development. Underground development is great opportunity which is not only geared towards solving limited space for infrastructural on the ground but also create an aesthetic and emotional sense to people. Global socio-economic challenges are major threats to economic development and human life. It is on this ground that man cannot wait to indulge into economic quagmire but to design subways and other underground infrastructural development to solve global social, political and economic problem. Therefore, Subway constructions and subterranean development are in handy.


Light tubes are equipment that are well designed to transport and distribute natural or artificial light in a give place. Primarily, they are also referred to as sun pipes, solar light pipes, or daylight pipes.The concept of transporting light and distributing it works when a tube lined with super reflective material to direct light rays through a building. The distribution begins from an entrance-point a place or a tunnel located on its roof or one of its out­er walls to the rest of the place. It is important to note that a light tube is not imaging therefore image distortions has no effect and are in most cases encouraged due to the reduction of directional light.To increase solar light, a heliostat can be set to tracks the movement of the sun. This will enhance the amount of sunlight being directed into the light tube. In addition, heliostat can be put in such a way that it captures moonlight at night. In comparison to artificial lighting system, light tubes saves energy by the use of solar light.For an advance quality of lighting system, mirrors can be use to direct the path of sunlight. Moreover, for the underground development, artificial lighting system is as the same time applied for a better quality.

Note on the Underground by Rosalind Williams

Rosalind Williams in Note on the Underground clearly shows how limited our biosphere is and the challenges associated with increase in depletion of ground level construction. The text takes a critical analysis of the concept of underground development. The book explains man historical background, cultural perception presented by underground development. In addition, global economic challenges and the need to adequately address emerging contemporary challenges of population, transportation, parking space, and inadequate space for infrastructural development on the ground has precipitated the need to explore and embrace underground development. The concept of architectural technological advancements, culture, history, human emotions, perception, sense, in regard to underground development is well analyzed in this text. This text is critical to my thesis since the whole concept of Subterranean Consciousness: Rediscovering Memory and Time which is the title of my thesisis adequately analyzed in this text. It therefore forms the basis of most of my arguments.


The emotional attachment which human develop from the surrounding is quite important in creativity and development. Our senses are great incentive to imagination, creation and innovation. In the bookHOW IT IS 2009 BY MIROSLAW BALKA explains comprehensively the importance of our senses in relation to our thoughts and appreciation of any environment which we face.In this book, the author brings the effect of darkness to human reaction and thought. This text is quite important to my thesis since it bring out fear of darkness and how the fear of darkness can be demystified by the use of light. The plot of the book is set in Europe in relevance to immigration and refugees in concentration camps.“I’m touching the subject of disappearing” explains Balka, who accepts the exploration of deportation and immigration in work. Balka makes clear references to recent Polish history and the deportation of Polish Jews to the concentration camps. This work highlights immigration issues, the problem of illegal migrant workers arriving on our shores in shipping containers. This text explains the crucial benefits of our sense. Towards this, we are able to feel emotional experiences through sound, touch, contrasting light and darkness’.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) TECHNOLOGY

Light-emitting diodes (LED) are semiconductor light source which are used as indicator lamps in many electrical devices which are used for lighting systems.The original version of LEDs which discovered in 19062 emitted low-intensity red light. However, due to technological advancement,modern versions are visible, within ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, with very high brightness effect. An LED device has an area of less than 1 mm2 and is integrated in optical components to shape its radiation pattern. LEDs devicve has got several advantages as compared by incandescent light sources. These advantages include; lower energy con­sumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size, faster switch­ing, and greater durability and reliability. LEDs can also be even to grow lights to in­crease photosynthesis in plants and this aspect is quite important for underground plants. The lamps are place to provide a light spectrum which resembles the sun.Sun light has a high color temperature of approximately 6000 K and appears bluish in colour. The color is used to compare how closely the lamp matches the natural color of regular sunlight. The application LEDs in underground space will contribute in creating different spa­tial qualities such as pattern of light and altering atmospheric conditions of a space with different lighting color and intensity.


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