Free Life-Changing Decision Making Essay Sample

Making life-changing decisions always goes a long way. This therefore means one has to decide carefully and critically so as not to regret in life. With respect to this statement, I am giving an example of an individual who could be emulated and resource full in life. This is with reference to the old Huntington who turns a new leaf unexpectedly.

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For Mr. Huntington, life was all about artificial joy which took him straight to a lifestyle that almost cost him his life. Many of us might have lived a life that is closely similar to the life Huntington lived. Artificial joy was achieved through alcohol. Many will say it was as a result of loss of hope but others will strongly disagree. Mr. Huntington was a working class old man who cared less about his own family.

If I possessed a brewery, I would have paid Huntington to advertise products for me. Huntington ended up in hospital with a serious liver related illness which almost cost him his life. He had abused alcohol to an extent that could be best described by specialists. It took a very long time of special care for this old man to come to slight consciousness. This included rehabilitation as well total detoxification as a way of getting rid of the alcoholic substances that lay in his bloodstream.

If you met Mr. Huntington today, you would not tell whether he ever had an encounter with alcohol. Making a flexible approach to decision making might have helped the old man come back to himself.

The power of decision making lies deep down in the heart of the decision maker. Past decisions always play the biggest role in maintaining the decision making effectiveness. Therefore, life has a permanent attribute that we all call change. It is the only permanent thing. It goes hand in hand with our decisions.


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