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I have learnt the values of dedication in everything I do through the experiences that have unfolded in my life. The one thing that I believe in is caring for people around me in the best way possible. I have the urge to alleviate the problems that face people and make the lives of other people as comfortable as life ought to be. In lieu of this, I have always enrolled in volunteer programs where I can get the chance to help people. My best experience was when I enrolled as a volunteer for Malboro New Jersey as an Emergency Medical Technician. The work specification was challenging because we were meant to help the patients when their lives were in dire danger. It was always fulfilling to see a patient’s life being saved after the emergency medical care that was applied to retract the situation.

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 There is one special time that I will never forget as the case was sensitive and yet my first time for such a situation.  I was transferring a pregnant woman to the hospital but she gave birth even before we could reach the hospital. I was not the medic in charge but after analyzing the condition, I decided to take charge. I was also keen to count and record the time between the contractions as the delivery took place.  I clamped the baby’s umbilical cord a minute after birth then cut it.  When the baby and mother’s condition was stable I felt so fulfilled for saving to lives. Since then \i have always been ready to learn and adapt to work pressures to the best of my ability. After all is said and done, I can only be grateful to the Deity for my abilities and experiences for the overall values they have instilled in my life.


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