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The sky is a limit. The symbolism of this saying is what keeps moving and always strives to excel in whatever I do. I always try to maximize what I am capable of doing and make the best out of it. My parents and teachers have been my greatest source of inspiration and motivation which has helped me work hard in all my undertakings. I always remember the words of my teacher that there is no lift to success but you have to take the upstairs. My success story is as a result of my hard work and also the considerable contribution of my parents, teachers, classmates and friends. All these people have made me who I am today and still continue to shape my character and skills.

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I am a High School student and my greatest passion is coming up with new innovations which can bring a real change in the world of technology. In my High School education, I have been a member of Project Lead The Way (PLTW), which is a 4-year pre-engineering academy in High School. I joined this course so as to have bases on engineering because it has always been my dream to pursuer a degree course in Engineering. I have always enjoyed the practicality of the course and I have learned to become innovative. I worked hard in the course and I held my highest grade in it.

Since my childhood I have always loved to design toys for cars, helicopters which made me have an ambition to make these machines when I grow up. In my High School I used my free time to draw designs of big buildings, castles, ships and other art designs. I am gifted in art and design and I am determined not to let this talent go to a waste but instead nature it. I have always desired to make the best out of my talent and make new designs. Using my skills, I have been able to design arts which were used by the music and drama clubs in their presentation for the music festivals and drama competitions.

Being a member of Project Lead The Way (PLTW), I have been able to put into practice the engineering concepts learned to make designs of machines. I have been doing personal projects on how to invent new machines like engines for vehicles, ships and helicopters using to knowledge acquired in class. What drives me is the passion build off my own ideas and come up with something that no one has ever discovered.   

I have always desired to make things perfect and make sure that whatever I start I bring it into completion and do it perfectly as it is required. This has made me excel in whatever I do because of the determination I normally put on my undertaking. I have always been the top of my class and I have always stripped to be the best.

Apart from the academic excellence, I am also talented in many co-curricular activities and games. I always attend field events and games which have kept me physically fit and active. From my class study I discovered the importance of physical exercises and I have always taken it as part of my life. I have been involved in soccer, hockey, baseball, swimming, air soft and Tae Kwon Do. I have made a remarkable contribution to these games for our school and I have helped the soccer team to clinch many titles. This has made the name of our school known far and wide. Additionally, in Tae Kwon Do, I have a double black stripe belt and I am the captain of the school team.

I am an all rounded person and I believe in myself that I am able to do what is impossible in the eyes of the ordinary man. I am sure that in the near future I will make a substantial influence to the society and also in the field of technology. I am also very determined in my personality and I am very proud of what I do.


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