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 Ever  since my childhood days  ,I have  grown  to love dogs as I was introduced to  them  by my  uncle  who  bought me  a beautiful a brown and white spotted  which had   big black spot on the  middle  of  its  back. I got  to love the small favorite companion of  mine  ever since to this  date and that gave  me  a sense of  responsibility and daily care towards it. As a result  I have  grown  to realize  that  dogs  are  very  friendly  animals  to  live  with  in  the house as  they  made me  realize  and  develop  some  sense  of  special  care  towards  everything I come across in life. Following  my  encounter with my favorite  pet at home ,I wouldn’t hesitate  to  recommend  it  to  a friend  of  mine of  why  am convinced that  they  are the  best  pet  to  have around .In my  essay I will discuss reasons  that  qualify  a dog  to be  the  best  pet  at home.

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 To start with, dogs  are very  happy animals which  will always  cheer you up  when you come  back  home from the hustles   of every days  schedules .A dog  will always  be waiting  for  you come  in and  they  can’t wait  to start  licking  your  face as  they  jump  around the  house  or the compound .One   special  thing  I  realized with   dogs  is  that  ,they  can realize  when  you  are  sad  or  embarrassed  and as a result  know how  to  behave  appropriately. When   you  are all alone  with  a dog  in the compound ,they   can  be  a playing  partner as  they  can  chase  after  the  ball or  tease  about  with some  toys .This  they  make  you  want  to  keep  playing  with  them  rather  than look   for  friends  to play  with .At  times  when you  need  that  walking  companion ,dogs  will form the  best  companion and you  will find  yourself  jovial  all the  way .When  this   walking  is  made a habit ,it  goes  ahead  in  maintaining your  body  health in a way that  you  really  enjoy yourself rather  than  taking the  jogging which  at  times  may    appear as  a tormenting  experience. I have  seen this  work out  really  good for  me. They  also  form an extra form  of  security  at  home  as  they  can  be  able  to  detect when a stranger  or  a robber  comes  around. Through  their  barking  ,you  attention  will be  alerted and  an  appropriate action  called  in  place .I several times  was  woken  up by  my alert dog  when  some  robbers  had  tried   breaking  into  my  house. In addition to  this  kind  of  security ,they  can  inform  you of  an  abnormality  in  the  house  like  a fire  break  out.

 Another  exiting aspect  of  having  a dog    at  home  is  their  ability  to  responding  to  their  names when  you  come  calling .Though   at  times   I could  be all alone   in  the    house ,I felt  I   had a companion  to  talk to and  this  way  my   boredom would  be  swept away .I found  dogs   to    be very  friendly  to human  beings  as they always  tries   to  understand what   you  are saying to  them. They  keeps on  tilting  their  head and shaking   their  tails  as  a form  of   communicating   back .Dogs  are the  kind  of  animals  which  can  perform some  tricks  which  will leave  you  dumbfounded and  make  you  enjoy  your  moments  with  them. They  can  do  some  pretty cool tricks  like  rolling   over, sitting down ,chasing  after balls and  catching  them ,as well as   fetching  things  around .Dogs  will  love  you  all  their  lives  and    so   there   is   no  one  reason  why   you  shouldn’t  have  such  a loving  friend  around  you.

 Dogs   will  not  be  a concern  when  it  comes to  cleanliness since  dogs   don’t  go  jumping  everywhere but  maintains  their  walk on the  ground  only .Another  lovely  trait  with  dogs  is  that ,they aren’t  selfish  and  are  very  loyal  to  the  owner  which  gives  them  an  upper   hand  compared to  other  optional  pets. They   also com  in different  shapes ,color, sizes, and  diverse  fur types. Another  biological   reason  to  have  around  especially near our   young  ones  is  that  ,it has  been proved  that  if  a child  stays  with  a dog for  the  first  few  years  of  their   life ,the  kids  normally  develops  a better  immunity which   helps  them prevent   asthma and  sneezing  allergy’s .A  dog  will  always  be  there since   they   are fond of    sitting   at  the  owners  feet  as   you   watch  a  movie  making  you  feel  like  you   are  secure and safe .Not  even  to  mention  of  the  several  cases reported  in the  media  where  dogs   were   involved  in  saving  kids   lives .This   tells  you   that   ,they  are  the  kind  of  pets  which  when  you  have  them  around ,you’ll  be  sure  that  there  some  more  extra   care    provided   for  your  young  ones as well as  your   neighbors. Needless to mention  of  the   greater  deal for  which  dogs  are  used  for  in   searching  luggage’s  in the airport for bombs and illegal  drugs .They  also  help  firefighters  in sniffing  out  people who  are  trapped under  some  rubbles or  those  behind  the  fire  flames .These  unquestionable  task  continue  to  reveal  of how  dogs  are  intelligent  and that  means  that ,have  one  as  a pet  around  you   means  you   are  accumulating  to  yourself  more  intelligence  to  live  with.

From  the  above  reasons of  having  a dog as  a pet  around you  , plus  the  different  functions  they  play  in  life  leaves  no doubt  that  ,they  are  a  must  have  pet  in our  homes .


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